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Maybe friends...

When the invite popped up in my inbox, I literally considered whether I should forward it to my STBX for about four seconds. From the subject line alone I knew it would be something he'd just love...and would love doing with our daughter. So I sent it, like I would have if he were any other friend. And like any other friend might, he responded instantaneously with a "YES" followed by about 23 exclams. So we'll be going as a family, which is really, really nice.

When I saw my therapist this week, I spent most of the time talking about everything in my life besides my falling apart marriage. I really didn't have too much to say about it because everything's been pretty calm. No confrontations. No tension. We're not hanging out or spending tons of time talking, but we're basically getting along. There was only one thing that felt worth mentioning: I found out a friend who had also separated is now giving her marriage one last shot (with the help of lots of counseling). After spending some time apart, they both decided their relationship was still worth fighting for. They know there are no guarantees, but if it doesn't work out,  they'll at least know they did everything they could. Which is awesome and what every marriage (well, most) deserves. That was all I ever wanted for us.  And I still can't really believe that he didn't...that he could just walk away. I'm not sure I ever will. Lately, though, I'm wondering if I really have to. xo, Evie