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A new milestone

That would be because I now feel officially, 100% psyched about the possibilities of being single. There's excitement! And surprise! And ohmygodmaybeheDOESlikeme! I've actually been stressing a bit over the fact that I'm acting like a teenager who has nothing better to do than think about dreamy guys all day. (Case in point.) But you know, what? No. I refuse to stress anymore. It's fun! And I'm going to own every single minute of it. (I can multitask...I am a mom for godsakes!)

I spent the last few years of my marriage praying that maybe tonight would be the night...the night I could stop worrying about whether he still found me pretty and funny and irresistible. Eventually, I stopped hoping and stopped staying up just in case and just went to sleep. I had to shutdown that part of my heart so I could at least pretend that I didn't care. But now, now, I've had a few experiences with some serious positive feedback, and they're causing all kinds of static in my brain. I think I'll wander around in the noise for awhile and see where it leads...xo, Evie