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The one where Evie caves

It's well-known that I am a champion piner. Oh, I can pine for something, or in this case, someone, for weeks. I can even pine in my dreams. And in the case of P and the Great Date Disappointment of Last Weekend, my pseudo-zen state vanished about 6 hours after my last post.  I made it until Wednesday. That was five days of silence and it was all I could take before I had to take action. My justification? So solid! I said to myself, Look, you, so WHAT if you pursue him? If he doesn't respond to a casual "wanna reschedule?" text, then at least you'll know for sure he's just not into it. And if he does want to, well then, YAHOO! This isn't going to be The Next Big One. It's just possibly the First Fun One, so take that phone and send that message!  I tell you I was practically high on my self-confidence. I sent that text. And you know what? HE RESPONDED IMMEDIATELY. And now we're in scheduling mode.

To all my friends who encouraged me to stay strong, I apologize for letting those pep talks go down the tubes. Please don't hate me. You'll be called on again. Probably next week. To my sister who encouraged me to throw cool caution to the wind, I say we are seriously two impatient peas in a pod (and I love you for it!). 

Of course, my shrink strongly advised me today not make a habit of this. "It's important for you to experience men coming to you." Yeah, yeah, because pretty much I've only experienced them turning away. I get it. But I'll have to save that approach for next time. I just ordered all kinds of pretty new lingerie and, god help me, I just want to show it off! Yours in total crush insanity, Evie