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Faking it

Happy, that is. I'm a women's magazine junkie and they're always telling you that if you fake being happy sometimes (like smiling even though you don't feel like it), your mood might actually lift a little bit in kind. So, given that I have no desire to think happy things, I'm going to force it. Ten things I can look forward to in no particular order:

1. Drinks with my girls on Saturday.

2. Making hand turkeys with my daughter.

3. Coming home early one day this week.

4. Having my birthday week off. 

5.  Knitting xmas gifts.

6.  Buying xmas gifts (I'm a freak. I love the mall madness.)

7. Planning a trip to California.

8. A visit from my baby nephew.

9.  Choosing a picture for the holiday card.

10. A fresh start.

 Tell me, what are you looking forward to? Can't wait to hear. xo, Evie