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Finding a new flow

For the last couple of months, I've been focused on just getting myself through the emotional marathon of the holidays. I thought that once I got here, there'd be some change within me: maybe the ability to look forward more than behind, a new sense of resolve, or at the very least, a little relief. After all, I figured, I would have earned it. Instead, I've found myself in a deep ebb. The new year stands before me vast and sleek with no end in sight and nothing to hold onto. It's terrifying. 

But this morning on my way to work, it finally hit me: DUH...I need a new goal. Or maybe a couple. So my first one is completely cliche: Start exercising. For real. Possibly with a trainer if I can swing it because god knows I'm much better when I have an appointment and a schedule. I haven't worked out regularly in well over a year and I feel marshmallowy. The second is scarier but I think I'm ready: Think about dating. How about you? What will you focus on in the next couple of months? I'm dying to know...xo, Evie