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Glimpse of the future?

The last two months have been tough: We went through mediation. I took off my rings. The weekends have been literally nonstop with work, play, and obligation. So when we decided to take Friday night to discuss the last few things for the lawyer along with Miss Monkey's summer schedule, I immediately wanted to take it back. I just didn't have the energy. But then the weirdest thing happened: We actually had an ok time. Better than ok. We were both starving, so we ordered our usual from the local Chinese place. We ate on the floor in front of the TV like we always did with orange chicken and dumplings, and Miss Monkey sidled up between us and begged to try each and every food. Seriously, she's a pretty good trier-of-new-things, but she was so happy to be having a dinner picnic with Mommy AND Daddy that I think she might have eaten brussels sprouts topped with sardines if we placed them in front of her.

We chatted. We even laughed a little. And when we had to talk business, it all progressed smoothly. No tension or terse words. And then he said good-bye to both of us, complete with 20 joyous hugs from our little girl, and then the two of us went up for stories. I didn't spend the evening nauseated that we were acting like the family we used to be. Of course, it occurred to me, but somehow, this time, it didn't stick. We had dinner together like the family we are now...and that was ok. I'm certainly not chalking this up to some huge thing (especially given that today on my drive home I started crying at the thought that we'll be spending the summer getting the house ready to sell). But it was a nice small thing. And for now, that's good enough for me. xox, Evie