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Hi. My name is Evie, and I'm an over-sharer.

Ok, that's probably obvious given that I started this blog. But you'd think having this outlet would curb my compulsion to blurt out my relationship status to anyone who gives the slightest crack of an opening. Alas, no. Case in point: The other day, I was having a conversation with a woman I'm working with on a project. She's a consultant, not a staffer, and someone I've had only a handful of phone conversations with because we always communicate via email. I barely know her. At one point, the convo casually veered off work and she made this off-hand, light-hearted comment: "Well, you're married. You know how it is!" My response as I continued to laugh along with her:  "Well, um, oh sure, but actually I'm going through a separation."  I literally didn't even register what I said until she began profusely offering apologizies and I'm sorry's and Oh-that-must-be-so-hards. All the while, I continued my maniacal giggling, telling her, "Yeah, it's awful, but really, it's ok. Really, it's for the best."  What the hell?!

I've been stressing over whether I should email her to apologize for being so weird and awkward and inappropriate. When I try to imagine what advice I'd give, it'd be to just let it go. So why can't I? My best guess is temporary lunacy. Thoughts? xo, Evie