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Home, alone

"A Dream Home Undone by Divorce". That's the title of a piece in the New York Times today, and when I read it, I felt like I was reading about my own life (minus the multi-million price tag and the chic NYC address). We've been living in our home for almost five years, and it's been under renovation ever since. Except for one major project that required contractors, my husband has done it all. It's literally almost finished: The house has been transformed, and I've I said before, it's what we've always wanted.

Yet, there were plenty of times over the last few years when I resented the damn house for taking so much of my husband's time away from me and our daughter. I often questioned his ideas and pushed for something simpler, faster, and cheaper. I hated that it sucked most of our savings dry and put us back in debt. And even though I always knew it was for the best of reasons -- creating a beautiful and warm home to raise our family in -- I didn't share that appreciation nearly often enough. I didn't say thank you enough. And that's something that I deeply, deeply regret.