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Little-Known Perks

After my last post, I received some good pieces of advice: consider seeing a counselor individually (so on that sister, I've got two!), keep a journal (have one, haven't been using it), and make a list of what you like about being separated. Seems like such an obvious way to get the brain to focus on the positives, yet it's never occurred to me. So thanks for the tip(s), Anonymous, here's my first go:

1. Mommy and me time means a whole lot more.

2. I've spent more time with my friends in two months than I have in years.

3. Getting some built-in alone time isn't awful.

4. I'm in complete control of the money.

5. I can put things where I want (and they'll stay there...child notwithstanding). 

This is all that i can think of for now. It's a start, I suppose. In the meantime, I'd love to know what is or was on your list of Little-Known Perks to Separation and Divorce. Tell me there's more!