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Meditation on Mediation #2

I've returned from another trip to the underground. The last couple of weeks have been heavy, and slow, and very, very cloudy. I've had two two-hour meetings with a pair of strangers whose entire job is to help us dismantle our lives. They've been wonderful, but awfully efficient. One more meeting, and not even a whole one at that, and the details will be complete. Then all that will be left is formality of filing. Our daughter's birthday in coming up in about a week, and all I can think about is how much fun we had planning her party last year at a local farm. I never imagined that this is where I'd be just a year later. 

My soon-to-be ex has been gracious enough to let me choose the grounds. So generous! I'm deciding between plain old abandonment and constructive abandonment, which is legalspeak for withholding/refusing sex. (If anyone knows what's constructive about that, please let me know.) I want both on the papers. I want everyone for posterity to know the truth, but thanks to the law, only half of it will be known.