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Much calmer...thanks to you!

I know...again with the disappearing. Thanks for sticking by me! Your comments to my last post about my crazy post-date freakout gave me some much needed perspective. Because #3 sent me several messages in short order, I HAD to tell him I was in panic mode...I figured that would be that. Turns out, he was really cool about it and we've been exchanging emails every few days. So who the hell knows? 

The other big news: Our separation agreement arrived a few days ago. I saw the email from our mediator on my way to work, and as soon as I did, I broke down. Thank god nobody was sitting right beside me. I cried all the to my office, and every time I tried to stop, the tears came harder. This is SUCH a damn process and I'm really, really, really F@#@! sick of it. (Sorry for the swearing. It's Friday. I've had it.) In fact, I still haven't actually opened the file to print it. Or read it. All I can handle today is knowing that it's there. It just had to arrive now, too. This weekend my husband and daughter have gone to their first big family event without me. I keep imagining all the crazy chaos and thinking about all the times I wanted to run screaming from my MIL's too-full house. And, of course, now that I don't have to, I wouldn't mind being there at all. xo, Evie