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One holiday down

We decided awhile ago to celebrate Halloween together even though it's technically my husband's weekend. We did everything the same as we always have. The house was done up, complete with light-machine ghosts swirling up the front porch. We went to the town parade. We had way too much candy. I greeted the trick or treaters while they hit the street for more loot.

Somehow I got an intensely sugared child to sleep (only took an hour of snuggling), and I came back down to find him online. Just like always. But not really. Thanksgiving and Christmas, we decided, we probably won't spend together as a family. (That's because we're not a family anymore, are we? ) I don't know if that's for the best or will just make them worse. How did you get through your first holidays apart? I need some serious advice because right now I wish I could just go to sleep and wake up next year. 

PS: I've got a call into my's been a few weeks and clearly I'm overdue.