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Something right

We had Miss Monkey's first preschool teacher conference yesterday. We learned that she needs to work more on puzzles (she hates them just like I did), that she looooves music class and that her only serious meltdowns so far have been costume-related. As in, she wants to wear what she wants to wear and who cares what anyone else thinks!

But the most important comment the teacher could have shared with us is that our daughter is happy. Undeniably and utterly happy. She plays well with the other kids, shares well (costumes aside) and has many friends. I'd asked about behavior issues because at home she's been going through a spectacularly whiney beast period. And I said I'd been worried it was because her Dad and I were separated. Then the teacher told me it's perfectly natural for kids to save up their worst behavior for home and that, sure, the separation could have something to do with it but then again you're not really 3 until you fully inhabit your inner whinocerous. Phew!

But then she said we must be doing something right because our daughter seems to be coming through the upheaval just fine. She's HAPPY. On some level, I know she is, but hearing from someone outside our family who gets to spend many, many hours with her, just meant so much more. I'm not exactly sure what those "right" things are yet, but for now, I'm not going to change a thing. 

Time to talk: Tell me what YOU'RE most proud of when it comes to getting your kids through this..because I know it's a lot!