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Two quickies

1. I took my rings off today....well, I switched them to my right hand. I tried it out last weekend for a few hours and then had to put them back. Today, on my long drive to visit my family, I switched them again. I know I'll keep checking my finger for weeks (or longer), but I think it's time to start letting them go. (PS: If wearing them on my right hand means something of significance, please let me know!)

2. My in-laws invited me and my daughter out for dinner this week while we're in town for my birthday. My husband won't be here 'til right before Thanksgiving. I'm completely torn, and haven't given them a response yet. Miss Monkey will be spending a night there tomorrow, so it's not like I won't get to see them.

There's just something about going out to dinner, something we always do with his family, that just feels too normal. I don't want normal. It feels fake and pretend. And yet, they haven't done anything wrong. They've never been anything but wonderful and generous. And to be completely honest, I wouldn't mind an extended period alone with them to explain my side of things. Plus, I hate disappointing people. Still, I'm leaning toward a gracious, apologetic decline...but this one thing I could really use some insight on: How has your relationship with your in-laws changed? Is it ok to still call? To have dinner? I'm hating this right now.

Yours in frustration,