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Bring on the Christmas Spirit!

Erin Zammett Ruddy

Sometimes decking the halls is just the thing to take your mind off of whatever ails you. Here’s a peek at the full-on holiday immersion we had over the weekend. ‘Tis the season!

You may look at these photos and think what a happy, sweet family they must be. Well, full disclosure: In between many of these shots, there were meltdowns (all four of us took turns) and time outs and feet stomping and the usual shenanigans. But overall it was a great family weekend of holiday prep and merriment. We bought and decorated our tree, hung wreaths, made holiday treats, watched The Grinch and Arthur Christmas, bought new and special ornaments (Alex got a fish hook thingy and Nora got a pink glittery nutcracker; I got a s’more snowman) and the Christmas carols cranked throughout. I even ordered Alex his violin (and marshmallow shooter). All the holiday prep was the perfect antidote to any scroogey/grinchy feelings we may have had. It’s definitely been a rough few months in these parts for so many people, but seeing the house all done up really does make me happy—and the kids are in constant awe, which is so fun to see. Here’s how it all went down. Or up, I should say…

On Friday after school, we picked out our Christmas tree. We get it from our local fire department—love supporting them, particularly after our “gas leak” incident over the summer.

The kids helped hang roping and lights on our fence. They also decorated each other, of course.

I have a bunch of red plastic balls that the kids are allowed to hang. They put all of them in one big clump, naturally. I can’t remember why Nora was undressed but we went with it.

At one point, Nora looked up at me and said, “Wait, what is this again? What is this holiday called?” Um, Christmas, hello??!!!

After smashing a few ornaments, we took a break and made peppermint barf (Nick thought it was funny to call it that and—shocker!—the kids liked saying it, too).

Nora guarded the fridge so no one (her) could get in and stick their fingers in the hardening barf. Gross, I know. Sorry.


This is quite possibly my favorite shot. My earnest little boy was finally getting to hang the star, which he’d been asking about all weekend and his sister took the opportunity to raid his wallet down below.



Nick snapped this in the mirror of me snapping a pic of the kids. Cool shot, but weird to see my living room flipped!

Well-deserved, post-decorating martinis. Cheers! How’s your house looking? Does the holiday décor make you happy, too?