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Mom Facebook Statuses I Love


It’s that time again! Here’s the stuff I’ve seen in my newsfeed lately that makes me smile, laugh out loud, totally relate, hit "Like" and generally feel better about my own occasionally sub-par parenting. Have a look and share your faves:

It’s been a wild few days. Over the weekend I helped coach my sister through 30 hours of labor and natural childbirth (she did it! she was amazing! it was awesome! more on all of that later), we had lots of fun Easter celebrations (I spent three hours Sunday making carrot cake cupcakes with homemade cream cheese frosting—they were only aiight, which was a bummer) and today is the first day of reality after a week of kids’ school vacation and complete lack of structure and routine. Hallelujah! 

Oh and Monday night I accepted an award and gave a speech in front of the entire Mets organization (I was honored for my work with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society—the Mets are big supporters) and it was totally nervewracking and awesome and you will definitely hear more about it. Needless to say my brain is a little fuzzy right now.

So it seemed like a good day for a fun post like this, one that doesn’t make you think too hard and is meant for pure entertainment, distraction and mom ego boosting. Which is what I often use Facebook for.

Plus: More Mom Facebook Statuses I Love

These updates represent the stuff I gravitate toward—not too complainey, not too braggy, not too earnest. Just the real, honest, funny, tell-it-like-it-is stuff I love to like on Facebook. This batch is heavy on the failure so maybe that's the kind of support I need right now. I even have a token dad in there—and it’s a post about poop, a topic I almost never like on FB. Check them out:

Christi Pavlis Wampler
So I'm going to attempt to bake 5-dozen mini cupcakes to take to school for Declan's birthday on Wednesday. On Thursday, you can find me at Peninsula Behavioral Health Center. I'll have Paul forward my mail.

Jess Dukes
This morning, I asked Alanna a question and she answered with, "Yes, yes, y'all." #BrooklynKindergarten

Bob Pate
No matter how much you hope against hope, if you smell poop, somebody has pooped.

Stephanie Dolgoff
Is it a rule that they must change the way math is taught every generation so there is no way any parent can ever help her child with long division?

Plus: Even More Mom Facebook Statuses I Love

Amanda Hertig Cullinan
If you think you are having a bad day, think of the mother of 3 who just gave her kids Cafe Mocha thinking it was hot chocolate. Did I mention we are about to get in the car for 3 1/2 hours to drive to the beach??

Marcy Beller Paul
It's not easy to fail as spectacularly as I did this morning, so I suppose I should be proud of myself.

Nora Weber
just hit the supermarket solo and almost stopped to say hi to the lobsters.

Catherine Merciez
Just when you are so proud of yourself for being a multi-tasking working mother, your 6-year-old son says (as you're about to put him to bed), "But mom, I didn't have dinner!" Total parenting fail.

Julie Klam
Sixth of Eleven days of Spring Break alone with Violet. I'm really starting to like her. I think it might be Stockholm Syndrome.

Sasha Emmons
Switched the covers on the kids' beds last night. Julian woke up very distressed to find himself sleeping under Chloe's comforter. Proceeded to attempt to switch covers back himself, waking up his sister, who did not appreciate the early wake-up and never got a chance to experience utter hilarity of her parents' awesome prank. APRIL FOOLS FAIL.

Hope you all have a great day. If you’ve read or written any fun statuses lately share them here. And come visit me on my new site. I have pix and tips about our kid-free trip to Sonoma (I also wrote about it for the March issue of Parenting) and a post about yummy salad recipes. And much more to come this week.