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Finding Nemo: Our Blizzard Recap (in photos!)

Erin Zammett Ruddy

In the middle of a stir-crazy-kid winter, last week’s blizzard was the perfect antidote. We all had so much fun—and got so much fresh air and exercise—that I wouldn’t mind a little more snow before spring shows up. Here’s why:

The snow is still on the ground here more than a week after the major dumping (we got over two feet), but spring is in the air. I’m loving the longer days and the bright sun and I’m definitely getting excited for warmer weather and yet...I’m not quite done with winter. It’s a cozy, cuddle up and hunker down time of year that I think we all need. And there is something about extreme weather that brings a family together. And so I wouldn’t mind one more storm. Perhaps one with a little less snow so we can actually play in it (the snow was so deep after the blizzard that walking was nearly impossible, let alone trying to sled). We managed though and really had an awesome weekend playing and shoveling and eating and sitting by the fire to warm up, then playing (and eating) some more. Of course Alex’s school was cancelled the Friday before and the Monday after, so we were definitely ready for Tuesday to roll around. And I am not necessarily saying I want any more snow days, but some more snow would be cool. When Alex woke up the morning after the blizzard he said, “This is the best day of my life!” How could I not want more of those for him? Here are the highlights from our blizzard fun:

We went out for a bit when the snow was still falling and we could still walk. The kids sought shelter in their little play house, which was super cute. The next day, we couldn't even open the door.  

Mid-blizzard snacks. There was a lot of hot cocoa consumed over the weekend, so I gave them apples and grapes to make me feel a little better. 

We let Alex stay up and help cook dinner, one of his favorite things to do. He's actually a pretty good sous chef (not sure if I give him too much freedom in front of the stove since he's only five but so far, so good). 

The first night we ate seared scallops with mushroom risotto and shredded Brussels sprouts with walnuts and bacon. YUM. Also on the blizzard weekend menu: Beef stew, chili, empanadas, bagels and pretty much anything else we could put in our mouths. 

Fortunately Alex loves to be put to work so we had an extra set of hands for the (massive) cleanup. Nora mostly watched and whined about her gloves falling off. 

The best part about a blizzard is that you burn so many calories shoveling, you really can eat all the stuff I mentioned above. At least that's what I told myself!

It took us three hours to shovel the whole driveway and that was just enough to get a car out in case of an emergency (we were starting to feel trapped). We also needed a plow to come the next day. Having a long driveway is great until you get two feet of snow....

Toward the end of the day, we decided to shovel a bit of our back patio and make a play area. Nick built a fire (that was a challenge!) and the kids and I made a fort. This is the living room. 

Nora taking a nap on the couch I built her. I think I had as much fun playing in the snow as the kids did. 

My sister's family joined us for hot cocoa in the fort. (Not pictured: the moms drinking wine in the fort's living room) Great ending to a great day. Can't wait for the next one!