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Funniest Kid Moment I’ve Had in a While

Erin Zammett Ruddy

You know those verbal exchanges you have with your kids that remind you how sweet/silly/kid-like they are? Here’s my latest and greatest:

Everyone has the my-kid-said-the-funniest-thing moments and I love hearing them because they’re a good reminder that these wild creatures who often exasperate us are just so…cute and innocent and young. Despite their wild-ass behavior (I’m talking about my kids here), they are just tiny little people who don’t know all that much about all that much yet. They are so impressionable, so sponge-like, so inquisitive and so…funny.

On Sunday night, Alex, Nick and I ate a late-ish dinner together while watching the Olympic closing ceremony (Nora was asleep upstairs, not having been invited). We were watching and chatting and nibbling on grilled salmon and zucchini fritters. It was the perfect ending to a great weekend. And it got better. When John Lennon’s iconic image flashed on the screen for his tribute, Nick asked Alex if he knew who it was. Alex’s dead-serious response: “Harry Potter?” I almost snarfed my salmon. Nick and I both started giggling until we were in full-blown hysterics. I’m not sure why, it just hit us in the most hilarious way. Alex has never seen or read Harry Potter so the fact that he came up with that was the best part (clearly he does know what HP looks like since he made the round-glasses/dark-hair connection). After a long explanation of who the Beatles are and how John Lennon is dead and how Harry Potter is fictional—and what fictional means—Alex said, “So is John Lennon the actor who played Harry Potter?” OMG, I could have died.

Possibly better: Earlier in the night when they showed a shot of Michael Phelps’ mom in the highlights montage Alex asked me if she was the queen of England. Love it! I just wanted to share this little tidbit today because it made me laugh and smile at a kid that sometimes makes me crazy. It reminded how sweet and curious and kid-like my kid is, which is good for me to remember since sometimes—like when he’s huffing and puffing and stomping his feet at me because I didn’t let him do something he shouldn’t be doing anyway—I can forget. I think it’s good to call out these moments on the blog, particularly when we spend a lot of time on here discussing the other kind of moments. So, what have your kids said lately that’s made me you laugh out loud or reminded you how damn cute they are? Got any good ones? It’s a perfect day for a laugh!