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Mom Facebook Status Updates I Love

Erin Zammett Ruddy

I’m not a huge fan of the woe-is-me mom updates, nor do I love the sugary-sweet, my-kid-is-the cutest/yay!-poop-on-the-potty stuff*. What I do love: Mom posts that make me laugh out loud, hit like or feel better about my own sub-par parenting skills. Here are some recent faves:


Julie Klam

On my way to a field trip today called "the inner workings of a skyscraper." If you're around 42nd street stop by and knock me out.


Nora Weber

why can't all wine be screw top? it is damn near impossible to hold a baby and open a bottle of wine at the same time.


Linsey Macksood Hessling

Rather than pick up the toys, I like to just plow them outta the way w/ the vacuum. I should trick it out w/some off road tires & a brush guard.


Sasha Emmons

I would give my second-born to sleep until 7am. Usually people give up their first-born, but mine sleeps late so she can stay.

Jess Dukes

?- i just *totally* resisted an urge to overshare some postpartum details with you guys. whew! that was a close one!


Veronica Chambers  

Flora is amped for her graduation today. She said, in a *very* serious voice, "today is the most important day of my life." Then she said, "Don't wear your gym clothes." I assured her that wasn't my plan.


Nora Weber

?2 minutes till bathtime. longest 2 minutes of my life.


Julie Klam

Violet's learning about civil rights and activism in school. This is totally undercutting my teaching her "if you don't like something, find someone to blame."


Linsey Macksood Hessling

All you people that have more than two children, you're crazy hats off to you.


Jess Dukes

Today's hangover has been brought to you by the letter V and the number 4. Or maybe 5.

Nora Weber

Charlie (lifting up his shirt): pocket?

Gus (pointing to his belly button): no Charlie, that's your penis.

This is my life.


Christi Pavlis Wampler 

I guess the fact that Declan is just standing here staring at me means he would like for me to entertain him.


Catherine Merciez 

Watching an animated Batman/Superman movie with Owen. It's borderline too adult but I'm totally into it. I suppose I'll just speed through the naked Supergirl and bloody Gladiator fights.... Crap....I have to turn it off don't I?


Ellen Seidman

Sabrina came home from school today with a list of wishes. #4: She would like to visit the Titanic. Probably cheaper than Disney World.


Christi Pavlis Wampler

Declan has pointed out every single flower from our house to the zoo. #longestdriveever


Byrd Leavell

Just once I'd like to see the dinosaurs eat Dino Dan.


Good stuff, right? Notice there are some repeat offenders. I’m lucky to have some pretty funny ladies in my feed. And, yes, there’s one dad there—I couldn’t resist the Dino Dan reference. Any fun/super-relatable mom updates you’ve read lately? Please share! I’m going to do this roundup periodically. Feels like a nice way to ease into the week. Happy Monday, everyone! 


* Yes, I have probably written posts like this. I'm sorry.