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Mom Facebook Statuses I Love


One of the many things I’m thankful for this season: Funny moms in my news feed. Here are the latest and greatest status updates I’ve facebook liked and real-life loved. As always there's a range of cute kid comments and ropes-end mom hilarity and the list includes both the silly and the sincere. Every one of these made me smile and hit like so I’m sharing with all of you. Happy Monday! And thanks to all you ladies for making my facebook goof-off time count.

Erica Burlage Nottingham

In every way this morning I look and feel like I'm recreating Goldie Hawn in a scene from Overboard.....waiting for the school to call about poison oak.

Laura Vanderkam

Quote from 3-year-old: "Can Santa make an iPad?" Uh oh.

Kirsten Bohlke

G: "Mom, no offense but you look like a teenager." None taken.

Sasha Emmons

Sometimes I don't want my kids to grow up, and other times I'd like to not wipe down the table, chairs and underside of the table after every meal.

Meredith Hartman Shanley

This morning, as I was making Luke his breakfast, I found myself singing to him (to the tune of Beyonce's Bootylicious) "I don't think you're ready for this eggy." All I want for Christmas is the return of my dignity.

Kristin Foristall

After informing Kaiya that Thanksgiving is next week, I asked her what she was thankful for. Her response, 'playdough.' Anything else Kaiya, 'chalk and cookies.' I have some work to do...

Christi Pavlis Wampler

I like to end every family outing by dragging a screaming child behind me. It really warms my heart.

Veronica Chambers

Flora just announced that while she knows I love her very much, I should "keep trying and take it to the next level." Any suggestions?

Catherine Merciez

I really miss drinking. (Please note: Original post had 4 "really”s in it but I deleted because I was afraid I'd sound like an alcoholic).

Lauren Smith Brody

Will, upon discovering that the book he'd picked for bedtime was actually a library book due back...last year: "This is a catastrophe!" And then: "That's how they say 'oh no' in Paris."

Marcy Beller Paul

Best playdate conversation:

Stephen: What's that?

Sasha: It's a beeper.

Stephen: What does it do?

Sasha: It beeps.


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