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Photo Friday: Summer Vacation Shots

Erin Zammett Ruddy

We’ve spent the past week in Northern Michigan with Nick’s parents having the kind of summer vacation childhoods are made of—endless hot days, cool nights, lake swimming, rock skipping, ice cream runs, nature walks, local fairs. We are getting ready to wrap it up and I can’t wait to share the highlights (seriously, this place is amazing). I’ll tell you all about it next week. And, of course, I’ll have some less-than-hallmark observations from life on the road with my two angels. In the meantime, here are a few snapshots. Hope you all had a great week. Happy Friday, Happy weekend, Happy summer!

A vacation with the in-laws means lots of help with the kids so Nick and I had some good QT. (This picture was taken by Al, who is actually pretty decent with a camera.)
Alex “practicing his chip shot” with a piece of driftwood in a creek next to Lake Michigan. Love this kid, love this place.
Isn’t this gorgeous? Who knew a lake could be so...tropical? 
This is right across the street from my in laws’ house. I’m obsessed with this red bench (I have photos of it in my house) and the kids loved to hang here and, in this shot, find minnows and send them out to sea.
Alex and I hiked up this very steep dune and, naturally, had to take a few breaks.
Al and I heading out for a kayak. We checked out the jet skiers, waved to paddle boarders and jumped overboard to cool off.
As we were leaving the beach, I thought the kids were right behind me. Then I turned around and saw that they were protesting. They didn’t want to leave. Neither do I. More photos and vacation recap next week!