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Post-Sandy Photos: The Stir-Crazy Kid Version

Erin Zammett Ruddy

Here’s what we’ve been up to the past two weeks since Sandy knocked out our power. As you’ll see, we’re out but not down.

Today marks the 12th day that we have been without power and heat and phones and all the modern-day conveniences we’ve come to rely on as humans and parents. We’ve spent the past two nights at my sister Meghan’s house because our house just got too cold to tough it out any longer. I haven't showered in my house since October 29th. Alex’s school was cancelled all last week and all this week (and Monday they’re off for Veterans Day!). That means he will have missed 12 days in a row of school. Can you imagine?! Nora’s school opened a few days after the hurricane hit so she was able to go this week thank God since in addition to waiting in epic gas lines, chopping wood, dealing with utility companies and trying to make sense of our post-Sandy house and yard, Nick and I are both really busy with work.

Thankfully, my brother-in-law (Uncle Izzy) took Alex to hang with his boys almost every day this week for good old-fashioned fun (bowling, playing in the snow, visiting grandparents, etc). He has definitely been the MVP of the storm for our family. Still, there’s been lots of down time, lots of together time, lots of living out of bags time and lots of technology-free time. The kids have been amazing, I have to say. Nick and I are feeling a little deranged and desperate at this point and really hoping (praying/begging) that today might be the day we can get back to some semblance of normal life. Only time (and LIPA) will tell. In the meantime, here’s what the kids have been up to the past two weeks (I cannot believe I’m typing two weeks):

Still-life drawing. One Sandy silver lining: Alex now loves to draw! 

This was their 25th fort. It came with a DJ room (where Nora played The Grinch on the iPad), bedrooms and a reading room where this shot was taken. 

Cleanup crew. The first few days after the hurricane were warm and sunny. The kids helped pick up sticks and debris--I made them wear helmets just in case.

Checking their house (which blew over in the storm) for damage. 

 Family dinner. Before the novelty wore off, we gathered for big family dinners at my house where we cooked from our melting freezers.

The storm left two trees about to topple so we had to have the experts come in and chop them down. Endless entertainment! 

Before we abandoned ship, the kids slept in hats and under tons of blankets. It wasn't too bad, but the temp in our house got to 45, we bailed. Needless to say they both now have wicked colds.

Alex, roasting himself like a marshmallow. Another Sandy silver lining: The trees we lost were able to keep the fire going. 

Snow day! In the midst of everything, we got a Nor' easter/Blizzard. The kids didn't mind one bit. 

A little snow can't stop Al from working on his game. But it will probably mean his actual game is cancelled this weekend. Bummer!