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How to Be Super Duper (Maybe a Tad Unnecessarily) Prepared For a Snowstorm (Because it’s Fun, People!)

Erin Zammett Ruddy

I am so %*^#! pumped for this blizzard. Obviously I hope people stay safe and warm and don’t get totally pummeled by power outages and such, but, I gotta be honest, I think this is awesome. Nick and I work from home so we don’t have to commute, it’s happening on a Friday night so no missed school, we didn’t have amazing plans this weekend to be ruined, and, well, it’s snow! Snow! Snow! Yay! We haven’t had a proper snowstorm in these parts (north shore of Long Island) in a while. The kids have gotten sleds and snowman-making kits and all sorts of gear for Christmases the past few years and they haven’t been able to use them. Until now! We are also excited because being snowed in means one thing to me and Nick: good food, good wine, roaring fires, quality family time. OK, that’s more than one thing, but is there anything better?

Also: I’m not mad at the media for their full-tilt, end-of-days-are-here coverage like so many people in my Facebook feed seem to be. First, I think it’s amazing entertainment (I could watch/chuckle at Jim Cantore doing his thing all day long), and, hopefully, people will listen and stay put. As we’ve learned recently, Mother Nature is for real and yeah, sure, maybe the media overdoes it and gets it wrong sometimes but the last time they said sh*t was going to be bad, sh*t was bad. Bad as in we didn’t have power for two weeks and there was a gas shortage. As I’ve mentioned, Nick is a bit of a doomsday prepper (love him for it—he’s super smart about this stuff and totally took care of biz during Sandy), so he’s in his bring-it-on glory. He had a list of ways he wanted to improve our disaster preparedness after Sandy and he’s checked them all off the list—just in time. Anyway, the wind is whipping around my house and I’m sure I’m about to lose power, and I just got a call that Alex's kindergarten is cancelled (ack, need to pick him up from enrichment!) so let me get going. Here, in no particular order, are the things we’ve done in the past few days to get ready for Nemo (ugh, worst storm name ever):

Buy bacon, buy wine (also: normal groceries), have electrician come to house to create plug on our electric panel to allow the generator to be plugged in and run the whole house should we lose power—amazing!), watch The Weather Channel around the clock (I needed a Bravo break anyway), scour cookbooks for the right kind of blizzard meal (we’ve settled on mushroom risotto for tonight; beef stew for tomorrow) download Finding Nemo onto the iPad (obviously), find the missing gloves, clean my messy house (so I don’t have a panic attack when we’re all stranded here together), charge camera battery, do some laundry, gas up the cars, gas up the generator, buy a cord of wood, get chocolate chip cookie fixings, pick up everything bagels and scallion cream cheese for blizzard breakfast in the morning (they won’t taste as good as fresh ones but better than not having any bagels at all), take before pictures, get homemade hot cocoa fixings (way better than the packaged stuff), buy more wine just in case, pull carrots from our garden to use as snowman’s nose (yes, we left a few in there), bring firewood into garage so it’s not totally soaked, get salt and shovels ready, double-check that we have enough wine, take a hot shower, find the good ski hats, work out as much as possible (if I learned one thing from Sandy it's this: When the weather outside is frightful, salad just doesn't do the trick).  

Ok, I think that about sums it up. Who knows how bad it will be in the end, but even half a foot is a lot more than we've seen in a while. And at least we know we’re prepared…to have some fun! Hope you all stay safe. Anything on your Nemo list you want to share?