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Top 10 Moments of My Mother’s Day

Erin Zammett Ruddy

As I’ve mentioned, Mother’s Day isn’t my favorite holiday, but I embraced it yesterday and wound up having a pretty great 24 hours. Here are the highlights:

10. Hearing the kids wake up, peeking at the clock and seeing 7:45 a.m. Nicely done, Ruddy children!

9. Having Nick whisk those children downstairs so I could keep sleeping. I only made it to 8:45 (that’s the mom version of sleeping in right?) but it was still fantastic.

8. Opening my homemade presents from Alex and Nora. Actually, Alex opened them for me with one hand while covering my eyes with his other hand. It took a while but they were so proud of themselves. And the stuff they made—a mason jar candle and a popsicle stick picture frame—is definitely keepable, unlike most of the stuff that comes home from school (yes, I throw away a lot of their art projects).

7. Doing a spin class for the first time and not hating it. We had another mini event for our campaign yesterday—Spin for a Cause—and a bunch of family and friends came out to spin. Despite my complaining beforehand, it was actually a really great way to start the day. And I can sit today.

6. Pulling up to my house and spying the kids and Nick in the backyard playing with the hose. I caught a glimpse of Nora from behind wearing a giant sun hat, a tee shirt, crocs and nothing else. The image of her little dimply butt made my day.

5. Lying in a dark quiet room getting an hour-long massage. This one speaks for itself.

4. When I got back from the massage, Nick was just putting the kids down for their naps. Timing! I went into Alex’s room to tuck him in and lied next to him and asked him if he'd had a nice morning and he said, “Mom, can you leave now I really want to get a good nap today.” Love him.

3. Learning how to change fuel filters on my dad’s boat. While the kids slept I went to my parents' house and helped my dad prep his boat for launching. I did a little compounding, a little waxing, got a trim tab tutorial and learned how to wield an oil filter wrench. This would have been more meaningful if it were Father’s day, but I use the boat as much as my dad does so it was just self-serving enough to be enjoyable.

2. Watching Alex devour my brother-in-law’s empanadas. There is something about watching my kids try and love new foods that makes me so happy. They both ate ribs and chicken drumsticks at a friend’s barbecue the night before and at our Mother’s Day dinner, Alex had abut six empanadas filled with the most delicious ingredients (corn and béchamel, ham and cheddar, chicken and peppers, etc). Nora ate pita chips and cake. I pick my battles with that one.

1. Realizing how lucky I am to be a mother and to have a mother. And a mother in law! I know way too many people who want children but haven’t had them yet for a number of crappy reasons, including cancer. I hear from women on a weekly basis who are newly diagnosed and trying to figure out if/when/how they can fulfill their dream of becoming a mom. And I know way too many people who’ve lost their mothers, many of them to cancer. I was thinking about this as I was reading Peter Rabbit to Nora last night. How no matter how much I may complain or bitch or how trying my family can be sometimes, I know I am damn lucky to have each and every one of them. When Nora turned around to me and said, “I love you mom…and I like you!” my heart could have exploded with joy. Of course this was followed by a swift kick to Mr. Macgregor’s head and a demand for Minnie and milk, so the sentimental moment was short-lived as they tend to be in my life. But if I got one thing out of my Mother’s Day yesterday, it was this awesome dose of perspective. That and my mason jar candle.  

Hope you guys enjoyed your days. Share some highlights with us!

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