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The Truth Behind Super-Cute Kid Shots

Erin Zammett Ruddy

Ever see other people’s impossibly adorable kid photos (particularly on facebook where we tend to share only the good, not the bad and ugly) and think...what a perfect, happy family captured on film? Those kids must be so sweet. And obedient. And calm. And so unlike my own wild bunch? Well here’s something to make you feel better.

This ice cream shot of my two angels was taken last week on our Michigan vacation—cute, right? Facebook worthy. But what you don't see is the nonsense going on behind the scenes. And now you can. I didn’t realize but Nick had been videoing and when he showed us all the footage later that night, we watched it about 15 times. I didn't even remember this happening but it so perfectly captures my children and what most moments of most days with them are like--there's really good stuff, immediately followed by the bad and the very ugly. Watch and next time you find yourself feeling envious or impressed by someone else's seemingly-perfect and camera-ready kids, remember that you probably don't have the whole story (this video could also be titled "What it's like to have a big brother" or "How to eat an ice cream cone really freakin fast" or... "Is it wrong to ask your kid if he's out of his mind?!")