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Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Courtesy of Michelle Horton

If you caught my first post here on, you already know that I’m joining the cast of bloggers here on “Mom Without a Filter” — but I think a proper introduction is in order.

Hi, there. My name is Michelle Horton and I’m a 26-year-old mother to a four-year-old superhero (or so his daily rotation of capes and costumes leads me to believe), and a young wife. For certain people this might sound quite typical and traditional — and it was certainly the norm in the not-so-distant past — but it’s not exactly the life I had planned. And it’s certainly not the typical life path of most 20-something millennials.

I know what it’s like to feel judged — from gossipy whispers to insensitive comments. I know what it’s like to feel embarrassed and defensive, as if you need to prove to others (but really yourself) that you’re capable and “mature” enough to handle motherhood. I know what it’s like to be lumped into a statistic.

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I was 22 when I had my son — a time when most of my classmates were finishing up college, traveling the world, and living without inhibition or focus. I was young, unmarried, and incredibly isolated in my new identity and lifestyle. But I promised myself early on that my pregnancy wouldn’t define or limit me — that I’d never blame my child for holding me back, even if the odds were stacked against me. Could I have a successful career? A long-lasting relationship? Could I grow as a young woman without the all-important “finding yourself” years?

It turns out I can and I am.

I created the site EarlyMama because it’s the kind of Web site that I was desperately searching for — a place where younger moms can connect and feel inspired. I didn’t identify with the moms in TV shows or blogs or advertisements, and when there was a young mom in the spotlight, she was usually in handcuffs or on MTV (sometimes both).

I know that there are a lot of younger moms here — or moms who got started at a young age — and I hope to be a voice that you can identify with. Having a child at ANY age poses specific challenges and unique benefits, so it’s all about finding your community, your people, to uplift you.

So here’s that community. Cheers!