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My Christmas Eve To-Do List

Erin Zammett Ruddy

What are the chances this stuff is going to get done today? And what will happen if it doesn't? 

As I mentioned last week, I'm very behind on Christmas this year. I'm heading to my sister's tonight for a big Christmas Eve dinner (she's doing the feast of the seven fishes thing despite the fact that we are not even a little bit Italian) and instead of taking a crack at my list, I'm pretty much walking in circles talking about how much I have to get done. Very productive. The good thing is we had a fun morning with the kids and I'm still feeling in the spirit (i.e., I haven't completely lost my shit yet). I'm thinking some of this stuff will have to wait till tomorrow--or never. Here's what's left:

1. Wrap presents. And by presents I mean every single present that was purchased for everyone on my list (apart from those in Michigan who got theirs last week--I hope). It doesn't seem like that many which is why I've left it till the last minute. Also, there's something fun about pulling a late-night Christmas eve with Nick. Right? Or is it that that's not fun at all? I can't remember. 

2. Write a heartfelt or clever blog post. Clearly that ain't happening so if you feel like reading something that won't stress you out (like this post is probably doing) check out last year's Christmas Eve post. It's one my faves. 

3. Prep all the sides for tomorrow night's Christmas dinner (I'm making my Grandma Del's coleslaw to go with my mom's ham, brussels sprouts with bacon and walnuts, and kale/leek/butternut squash/foccacia stuffing—oh, and a freakin turkey!). Considering I have to be at Christmas Eve dinner in three hours, I'm thinking this cooking won't be happening today, either. 

4. Buy stocking stuffers for Nick and the kids. Cut! I will simply stuff a few of their smaller gifts into the stocking to make it look like Santa filled it. Problem solved!

5. Pull carrots from our garden to leave out for the reindeer. How cool is that? I really don't want to forget to do this with the kids but something tells me I'll be running outside in the freezing cold at midnight by myself while Nick tells me I'm crazy. He isn't wrong. 

6. Send Christmas gift to my godson in Florida. Not happening. Can't brave the post office today. It will be a New Year's gift! 

7. Clean my disaster of a house so that I can actually see and think straight. This will move up to number one because I am a little OCD about my house being clean which is probably why I haven't accomplished anything else on this list because I am always (and I mean always) picking up, cleaning, straightening, organizing and otherwise trying not to live in a pigsty. 

8. Have a visit with my high school friend who's home from Japan (I havent seen her in way too long). She's supposed to stop by at some point this afternoon. I'm hoping she knows how to tie bows and curl ribbon! 

9. Eat something for lunch. I feel like I may pass out I'm so hungry but if my kitchen gets dirty again I may just lose the Christmas spirit altogether. It's a tough call.  

10. Lay out and iron the kid's clothes for church in the morning so that we aren't running around like lunatics (like we were last year and the year before that). Also: Find something for them to wear tonight that is either red or green so that I don't get called out for being un-Christmasy. Also: Find something for me to wear tonight and tomorrow. 

OK, clearly I've got to run. I hope all of you are enjoying your day and that you have a merry, merry Christmas. It's certainly a year to be grateful and thankful for the time we get to spend with our families. I think that's part of the reason I've been so laid back about things—because deep down I know that the most important part of Christmas is that I get to be with the people I love most in the world. That and wrapping those %&!#! presents. Merry, Merry!