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Parenting Fail Friday (Or: Why Alex now knows the words to two Snoop Dogg songs)

Erin Zammett Ruddy

Alex was home with me yesterday (it’s a vacation week here) and when he woke up from his nap he stumbled down to my office and said: “Mom, I have to tell you something. My white noise stopped and it turned into a guy singing and he said the F word—a lot.”


Alex sleeps with white noise (both of my kids do). Right now we keep Nick’s iPod on a dock in Alex’s room. It’s always set to white noise—on repeat—so we just push play and walk out of the room. Well, apparently it was not set to repeat yesterday so once the two-hour recording was over, the iPod moved on to other songs in the W section. This wouldn’t be a problem if Nick didn't have so much rap on his iPod--much of it that starts with the letter W. When Alex came to get me, Snoop’s “Who Got Some Gangsta S**t?” was blaring. You should have seen how fast I pounced on that iPod. “That’s not a good song for my age, right, mom?” Alex asked. “Is that a song for your age?” Oh boy.


What’s worse: When I scrolled through the iPod I saw that there were several more songs between “White Noise” and “Who Got Some Gansta Sh**t,” meaning it wasn’t just Snoop my baby boy has been exposed to. Here’s what else he heard:


White Riot by The Clash (this one is fine--and he probably couldn't make out any of the words anyway)

White Trash by Ra The Rugged Man (omg, this one is so not fine--there's like 27 F-bombs before the song even starts)

White Wedding by Billy Idol (fine)

Who Am I (What’s My Name)? by Snoop (um, definitely not fine--though I do like me some Snoop Doggy Dogg)

Who Can You Trust? by Morcheeba (fine--this one may have even put him back to sleep)


I tried asking Alex how far back he remembered hearing the music but I really didn’t need him quoting Ra The Rugged Man (seriously, Nick?) so I let it go. I just hope Alex does. That kid has a pretty impressive memory, particularly for things he wasn't supposed to hear. Ack! Got any parenting fails you want to share to make me feel better about mine? Something tells me this will be a recurring topic. Happy weekend, everyone!