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Ridiculous Reason # 392 that I love my kids

Erin Zammett Ruddy

There are many things my kids do that drive me crazy. There are also things they do that make me crazy-happy. Here’s the latest:

This morning, when they woke up and I asked them what they wanted for breakfast, they said in unison: “Bay Deli.” My response: “Hell yeah.” Bay Deli is code for egg sandwiches. Two fried eggs on a super-soft poppy-seed bun with cheese, crispy bacon and ketchup for Al; two fried eggs on a super-soft poppy-seed bun with cheese, salt and pepper for Nora and me. Heaven. Bay Deli is this local institution that sits across from the harbor in my hometown (which is now one town over from where I live, though still only six minutes from my house). They make legendary egg sandwiches. I lived in New York City for eight years where the food is as good as it gets, but I never found a better egg sandwich (I never found a better bagel than my go-to local bagel shop either, but that’s another story). I think it has something to do with the ratio of egg to cheese (not too much of either) and the squishiness of the bun. Either that or they put crack in there.

Bay Deli was the first stop you’d make when you came home from college, a must-hit on the culinary tour for visiting out-of-towners and, if you’re me, the place where everybody knows your name. Since moving back here I have become such a frequent visitor that I don’t even have to give my name when I call in my order. They recognize my voice. They also know how I take my coffee (skim, no sugar) which is one of the little things in life that makes me really happy. So the fact that my kids love this place already and that we share this silly bond brings me great joy—and gets me excited for other things we’ll share someday (perhaps non food related, but right now all the examples I can think of involve eating).

Nora asks for Bay Deli about four days a week. We go about once a week. So this morning when they asked and I said yes, they were thrilled. I was at a cocktail event in the city last night—Melissa and I were honored by Gilda’s Club for sharing our story and raising money and awareness for cancer research—and because I was nervous about giving a speech, I ate exactly two crackers and three pieces of cheese for dinner. I woke up empty. Bay Deli was the perfect antidote. We all quickly got dressed and jumped in the car. On the way, Nora said, “Mom, I’m excited!” I could die. Then she said, “Mom, I love you and I like you.” (This is high praise from her—sometimes she just likes you, sometimes she just loves you, but when she says both, you’re in.) We took the sandwiches to a picnic table at the harbor where we tried to eat but it’s only about 40 degrees today so that was shortlived and we headed home.

On the ride I flipped through the radio to find a non-kid song (I couldn’t bear to have wishy-washy-wishy-washy-wishy-washy-weeeeeee in my head today) and we caught the very beginning of “I’m Sexy And I Know It.” They both freaked out. For whatever reason (I blame my Top-40 loving sister) they have heard this song and they love it. It is not appropriate for a four and two year old, I realize, but I’m not gonna lie, it makes me crack up. And Alex and I like to look at each other and nod our heads to the beat. So we cranked it up and rocked out. It was the perfect jam to kick off our morning. Here's hoping the rest of the day—and the weekend—measures up to this great start. 

Have your kids taken a shine to any of your favorite foods? Does it make you super proud and happy like me or am I just an egg-sandwich-loving freak?! Happy weekend!