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We Need To Talk About Crocs

Erin Zammett Ruddy

I had no idea these shoes were so polarizing—some people love them, others seem to hate them with a passion so fierce I find myself scratching my head. So, what’s the deal? Are you pro or against?

I’ll go first. I think Crocs are adorable on little kids. I like them because they’re comfortable, versatile (great for the beach), washable, they come in lots of fun colors and, most importantly, my kids love em. And can put them on themselves. As you see from the photo, we are pro Croc but I’m starting to understand that there are many people out there who are downright opposed. I’ve posted about clothes lately (and shoes) and some readers have commented that they’re shocked I let my kids wear Crocs. But why? Do you think they’re ugly? Unsafe? Uncool? I’m really curious. I thought most parents were into Crocs, at least it seems that way in these parts. 

I read the Victoria Beckham interview in September Glamour where she listed the things she hates: Empire waists, clogs, Crocs and cowboy boots, among other things. So why all the Croc hate? Is it just a personal taste thing or does it go deeper? On Monday I mentioned that I don’t like character shoes for my kids so I get that some people just have an aversion to certain things. Of course I did not say I don’t like character shoes on any kid or that I think they are awful (I don’t), I just said they’re not for me. For now. I also failed to mention in that post that my kids don’t ask for character shoes, they actually prefer the ones that look like mine and Nick’s (i.e., plain Nikes/New Balance/Adidas running shoes). Just wanted to clear that up. Would Nora refuse pink/sparkly/Dora-in-a-princess-gown/high-heel sandals? Um, no. She’d probably never take them off. Which is why I don’t buy them. (We’ll discuss little girls in high heels another time.)

Anyway, back to the Crocs. Do your kids wear them? Why do you love or hate them? Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion about kids shoes and if you don't like Crocs, we can still be friends, I promise. I'm just curious. And, if possible, let’s avoid saying things like “All people who buy their kids Crocs are $#!%”holes.” We should be able to talk about footwear without calling each other names, right? (If you want to see some of the names I was called for saying that I don’t want TV characters on my kids shoes, like parenting on facebook). One thing I will say about Crocs: I prefer them plain, without the little doohickies stuck in them. OK, your turn: What are your feelings on this uber-important topic?