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Would You Let Your Kids Eat This for Breakfast?

I was catching up on American Idol last night (I love you Phillip Phillips!) and before I could press FF on the DVR, a commercial for a new cereal came on. But I’m glad I saw it because it was totally disturbing in an I-must-blog-about-this way. And I want to get your thoughts. 


The offending cereal is called "Krave" and it is chocolate. I repeat, chocolate cereal. The box boasts: "Inside each crunchy bite hides a smooth chocolate center." And: "Made with real chocolate!" I suppose that's better than fake chocolate, but still....The idea, as the commerical clearly states, is to "satisfy your inner chocovore." But isn't what dessert is for? Aren't we supposed to start our day with, I don't know, food. This cereal makes me think of several of Michael Pollan's Food Rules, including not eating things with ingredients your grandma wouldn't recognize and not eating cereal that turns your milk different colors and, my favorite and the most important if you ask me, eat food, not food-like substances


I really don’t feel like being controversial (that princess post brought me enough negativety for the month) but I was just curious if this is something you would feed your kids? Also, have I missed something? Aren’t we supposed to be more savvy about this stuff, not less? Don't we have obesity issues and blood-sugar issues and processed foods issues? I couldn’t believe I was watching this in 2012, during such a popular, mainstream show like American Idol, a show a lot of young people watch. Watch the commerical. Crazy town, right?


Don’t get me wrong, my kids eats sweets. Way more than I would like. But I can’t imagine starting their day with something like this. I honestly can't imagine giving them this at any time of day. I am also not a cereal person or a sweets person so maybe I'm a little biased. My favorite cereal growing up was Crispix. I still remember the one time in my life my parents bought us "crap" cereal and it was when my mother was in the hospital giving birth to Meghan and my dad let Melissa and me strong-arm him into some Cookie Crisp. I didn't even like it. So maybe my reaction to "Krave" has more to do with my own boring cereal tastebuds. But I'm not so sure....

What do you think?