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Depraved T-Shirts About Infertility

Sarah Preston Gorenstein

I need to lighten the mood around here. Talking about infertility as often as I do can get a little depressing, don’t you think? While I was shopping for ironic tees for Preston on Saturday—shirts that say “Dude” and “Aloha” and all kinds of ridiculous things—I came up with a few of my own, for women going through infertility. 

Would you wear any of these? What would yours say?

1. I went through IVF, and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.

2. Don't Mess with Me, I'm Going Through Infertility

3. The front: Don’t ask me if I’m done having kids…  The back: Unless you want an honest answer.

4. Front: I love kids. Back: I hate ignorant people.

5. I’m not pregnant so don’t ask…

6. Front: I’m not going through menopause… Back: I’m on Lupron.

7. Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman on Injectibles.

8. Front: Duuuude. Back: Infertility Sucks.

9. One and Done

10. Front: I’m Not Depressed… Back: I’m on Clomid.

11. Stop Complaining About Your Annoying Kids

12. I Wish I Were a Teen Mom

13. Shut the F*ck Up About Being Fat & Pregnant

14. My Strange Addiction: Infertility

15. Team Tori Spelling

16. This is What Infertility Looks Like. Any Questions???

17. I Heart My DH

18. I’m infertile. What’s your problem?

19. Front: The No. 1 Thing You Should Never Say to Someone Trying to Conceive. Back: “Just relax, stop thinking about it so much, and it’ll happen.”

20. Baby Not on Board (Yet)

Post your T-shirt ideas below. Who knows, maybe I’ll actually make one and start wearing it.

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