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Going Backwards After IVF

Have you ever considered going a less invasive fertility route, after unsuccessful attempts with IVF? Most of you know my IF story, which began in May 2011. We did one round of Clomid (BFN), one IUI with injectibles (BFN), and then we did IVF in September, which led to a canceled embryo transfer due to Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (or OHSS). We had one more canceled FET after that, then two back-to-back FETs, both with negative results.

Though I’m going through secondary infertility and had a perfectly easy and natural pregnancy the first time, after being diagnosed with “unexplained infertility” we decided to do IVF after only one round each of Clomid and IUI because of my age (37 at the time, now 38), and my impatience. My then RE supported the decision. The odds are better with IVF, and you can control the risk of multiples, but it’s obviously a more expensive—not to mention more invasive—path to pregnancy. But regarding the expense: My insurance at the time covered up to four IVF cycles, with a 30 percent co-pay. I was lucky. Now my insurance covers one over a lifetime.

I haven’t discussed this with my new RE yet but I’m considering trying IUI the next time we do this. Neither my husband nor I have fertility issues, and since I have unlimited IUIs covered by my insurance plan it seems like an easier way to go all around: It’s less of a commitment both financially and physically. IVF may have better odds, but I don’t know if I want to go through all of that again, especially after how sick I got during my IVF cycle, as well as both my FETs. And better odds haven't resulted in success for us—the stress of going through IVF may be too much for my body, who knows.

That’s not to say any of this is easy. Even trying to conceive the old-fashioned way—naturally—has its emotional highs and lows. But since I haven’t had success with FETs, for inexplicable reasons, I’m not convinced that’s going to do it for us. I’ll probably do a little more testing to see if anything’s going on inside my uterus that’s preventing the embryos (all perfect AA quality, btw) from implanting. But after that, I'm seriously considering going back to a round of Clomid with IUI, or IUI with injectibles.

Has anyone tried IVF, then gone backwards and tried Clomid or IUI again? Sometimes I wish I’d given both another try before moving onto IVF so quickly, because it often feels like you can’t go back once you’ve gone there.

Would love to hear about some success stories from people who’ve had unsuccessful attempts with IVF, then gone back to less invasive treatments with IUI or Clomid. I'd love to hear any success stories at this point!

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