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How Far Would You Go to Get Pregnant? Plus, a Video!

Noah Rosenthal

I’ll go first: I used to keep my pelvis tilted and my legs in the air after sex, thinking that it would actually help…ya know…keep his semen from spilling out. Sorry, there's just no delicate way of saying that. We actually believed this was helping us conceive. (Clearly, it wasn’t.)

I already talked about my experience with Clomid and how crazy it made me, and our single attempt with IUI with injectable medications. And with IVF, we did more injectables (shots in my stomach that my husband administered nightly—fun stuff). Believe me, keeping my legs up in the air after sex, as unsexy as that sounds, was a helluva lot more enjoyable.

I’ve tried acupuncture for fertility, too, a couple of times now. Am I the only person who hated it? They put a needle in my foot by my big toe and it was so excruciating they had to remove it immediately. Even when the needle was out, it still hurt! I was so fixated on the pain near my toe during my session, I couldn’t meditate or relax or whatever it is you’re supposed to do during acupuncture.

I’ve been on and off prenatal vitamins for months—I figure it can’t hurt my chances of getting pregnant. And I’m planning to start a six-week “Yoga for Fertility” class this month, held at Pulling Down the Moon, a national holistic yoga, acupuncture, massage and nutrition center/spa that specializes in integrative care for fertility. The founders are amazing women, and holistic practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Pulling Down the Moon has several locations in Chicago and DC, and they’re bringing their holistic integrative approach to more fertility centers around the country. The clinic I go to (Fertility Centers of Illinois) is affiliated with them.

In addition to Yoga for Fertility, I am also considering seeing one of the nutritionists at Pulling Down the Moon, and I’m doing a four-part Fertility Enhancing Massage Protocol soon. Hey, at this point, I’m willing to try almost anything.

I know a lot women who swear by Traditional Chinese Medicine, especially for treating infertility. Obviously cost can be a big issue, as TCM is not covered by insurance, at least not by mine.

What are some of the strangest things you've done (or eaten, chanted, inserted, whatever) on your quest to getting pregnant? Did acupuncture seem to do the trick for you? Did you change your eating habits? Did you do yoga or meditate regularly? I know everyone has their own beliefs about this; I’m open to any and all suggestions. 

Also! There’s a new movie coming out on Feb. 24 on VOD called “Conception” (starring David Arquette, Julie Bowen, Connie Britton, among others) that follows nine couples on the night they conceive—it’s hilarious. Check out this exclusive clip with Connie Britton (“Friday Night Lights”). At least I’m not the only one who’s gone to ridiculous lengths while trying to conceive.