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12 Immunity-Boosting Snacks

  • A healthy diet is key to keeping kids' immune systems in top form. These 12 bites will give their germ-fighting power an extra jolt.

  • Sweet Tart

    Kiwi is an exciting finger food that is naturally high in vitamin C. Plus, kids look cute when they pucker up.

  • A Total Pro

    Yogurt with probiotics, the good bacteria that restore balance in the digestive system, is the main ingredient in these melts. Watch out, you'll become addicted to the trippy way they dissolve on your tongue. HappyBaby HappyMelts in Banana Mango, $4.19

  • Juiced Up

    This wee-size OJ is fortified with vitamins A, D, and E, and as always packs a hefty punch of vitamin C. Tropicana Healthy Kids, $3.99 for six

  • Banan-o's

    This take on classic Cheerios tastes like real 'nanners -- not a funky fruit flavor -- and has 16 vitamins and minerals, just like the original. Banana Nut Cheerios, $3.89

  • Bionic Blend

    Finally, a smoothie that's not such a pain to make. Just add ice and water, then blend. You'll give 'em a drink that's got one full serving of fruit for less than a buck. Chiquita Smoothies in Mixed Berry, $2.69

  • Valerie Fischel

    Main Squeeze
    You'll find only berries, bananas and apples in this neatly packaged smoothie. In the words of a 3-year-old kid tester, "You eat it and you dwink it!" (Ella's Kitchen The Red One, $1.39)

  • Sweet Bell

    A whole yellow bell pepper has almost five times the vitamin C of an orange. Cut into slivers and dunk in French onion dip or, our fave, a raspberry vinaigrette.

  • Oh, Snap!

    We love that this combo has snap peas in the mix and lures kids to nibble with a bit of ranch. Packing a healthy snack just got way easier. Ready Pac Ready Snax Veggies & Cheese, $2.49

  • D-lightful

    Chocolate straws are a whiz-bang way to get kids slurping vitamin D¿rich milk, which helps activate immune cells. Plain milk goes in, and chocolaty yumminess comes out. Got Milk? Chocolate Flavored Straws, $3.99 for ten

  • Deep Freeze

    This frozen pop's made with only 100 percent juice -- no neon colors here. You'll have to check your kids' wardrobes for that malfunction. Fruit Chillers in Strawberry Snow Storm, $2.99 for eight

  • Double Duty

    On the outside: yogurt with probiotics, the good bugs that restore balance in the belly. On the inside: antioxidant-packed cherries. Welch's Cherry Fruit 'n Yogurt snacks, $2.99 for 8

  • Sneaky Beans

    This yogurt is a stealthy way to slip in green beans. Look for it in smaller cups, too! YoBaby 3-in-1 Meals in Pear & Green Beans, $2.99 for six 4-oz cups