3 Easy Ways To Manage Your Kid’s Screen Time With Amazon’s Fire Tablet

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3 Easy Ways To Manage Your Kid’s Screen Time With Amazon’s Fire Tablet

From existing controls to extra apps for monitoring, here are the best ways to set limits on the Fire.

Amazon’s Fire Kids Edition Tablet is one of the most popular options with parents—and for good reason. The bumper covers offer awesome kid-proof protection and easy clean-up, and it comes standard with a two-year replacement plan, no questions asked. What more could you want in a tech product for your messy, reckless, adorable kids? Not much.

But if you didn’t know the tablet has amazing parental controls, you’re missing out on the best part, and possibly putting your littles at risk. (Don’t worry, it’s fixable!) Here are three awesome, easy ways to manage your kid’s Fire Tablet use:

  1. Built-in Controls: The Fire Tablet Kids Edition has built-in parental control options that help make internet safety a breeze. Amazon FreeTime is included at no cost and includes a kid-safe web browser that offers access to over 55,000 approved websites and YouTube videos. It also allows parents to opt-in to enable in-app purchases. From the Settings tab, parents can designate certain tablet features to have password-only access, including web browsing, the camera, social network sharing, wireless connection, and more.
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  2. FreeTime Unlimited: FreeTime Unlimited is Amazon’s own unique parental control subscription, which is layered on top of FreeTime and comes free for the first year after your Fire Tablet Kids Edition purchase. You can use FreeTime Unlimited to set daily screen time limits, use the Bedtime control to shut down the tablet at a certain time each day, and use FreeTime Unlimited’s Learn First option to make games and cartoons inaccessible until certain educational goals have been met. After the year is up, you can keep FreeTime Unlimited for as low as $4.99 a month, or $2.99 for Prime members. If you choose not to keep it after the first year, Amazon FreeTime remains on the tablet, allowing parental controls and access to kid-safe web browsers and YouTube content at no charge.
  3. Mobicip: Want even more control? The Mobicip app gives parents complete control over kid’s Fire Tablet use. Whether you want to block certain websites, monitor which apps your kids use the most, or set time limits, this is for you. This app has the added bonus of pairing with your Android or iOS device (including the Apple watch) to make monitoring your kids easier than ever. 

And if you’re in the market for a new Fire Tablet, you’re in luck. From October 2 to 15 you can use these special promo codes for a discount: KIDSFIRE7 gets you $20 a Fire 7 Kids Edition, and KIDSFIRE8 gets $30 off a Fire HD 8 Kids Edition.

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