Back To School Guide: Everything You Need for Sending Kids to School During the Pandemic

by Bethany Braun-Silva

Back To School Guide: Everything You Need for Sending Kids to School During the Pandemic
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The back-to-school must-haves for this challenging year. 


Heading back to school this season is going to look a lot different than it did in years past. While many schools are still trying to finalize their plans for reopening, parents and kids are getting prepared under less than ideal circumstances. But don’t worry, we found everything you need to send your kids back to school this year, whether they will be attending in-person, learning virtually, or a doing a mix of both. 


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We know you and your kids have some experience at this whole remote learning thing by now, but there are more ways you can make the experience more pleasant. With some of the initial panic worn off, we can now focus on what worked and what didn’t. For instance, we love the idea of setting up a designated learning center for kids at home so they can stay focused and take ownership of their space. Equipping them with wireless headphones, workbooks, and a storage lap desk can be just what they need to conquer the school year. 


If your kids are attending school in person, there will likely be a few new health guidelines and mandates in place. Kids will need face masks and hand sanitizer in addition to their regular school supplies like backpacks, pencil cases, and lunch boxes. But, no matter what the year has in store, we know kids can handle it. They are resilient, especially if we prepare in advance with everything they could possibly need. 



Below, we’ve rounded up all the must-have products you and your kids will need to tackle this school year safely and successfully.


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For Learning at School

Cubcoats Face Masks 2-Pack


For kids who may be reluctant to wear a mask, these masks match the brand's popular hoodies that turn into plushies. Kids are comforted knowing they have their animal buddy with them all day. Cubcoats also makes matching t-shirts that turn into a smaller plush.

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Backpack Hand Sanitizer Holders


Give your kids the opportunity to disinfect their hands as often as they need with and eight-pack of these handy hand sanitizer backpack keychains. We love that we can fill them with a kid-friendly hand sanitizer of our choice.

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Pipette Hand Sanitizer 32 oz.


This bulk hand sanitizer is perfect for filling up the keychain holders above. The large size is great for families and consistent hand sanitizing before and after school.

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Mabel's Labels


It’s more important than ever that kids don’t lose their stuff — or don’t mistakenly drink out of another kid’s water bottle. These labels are waterproof, durable, and totally cute! The Ultimate Back to School combo includes 126 customizable labels.

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Mommy's Bliss Organic Baby Elderberry Drops


Parents are looking at a double whammy this year with flu season and COVID-19... pretty scary stuff. Stay ahead of the game with these effective and delicious immunity drops for kids. They also come in an equally tasty gummy form.

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For Learning at Home

LilGadgets Wireless Bluetooth Headphones


Diminish distractions with these kid-friendly over-ear headphones. Kids can plug in and listen to lessons without worrying about a noisy sibling or pet nearby. The headphones can also be connected to Bluetooth for a wire-free connection.

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ABCmouse Workbooks


The ABCmouse app has already been helping so many kids supplement learning at home, and the company recently released workbooks to get kids off their screens. The books teach kids phonics, math, reading, shapes, writing, and more.

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Gunnar Cruz Blue Light Blocker Glasses for Kids


These blue light blocking glasses block 35 percent of blue light and 100 percent UV light. They are lightweight and can prevent migraines, eye strain, and blurry vision caused by staring at screens for long periods of time.

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Adjustable Superstorage Lapdesk


We know that learning at home means having to be ready to move around. This lap desk is perfect for holding notebooks, laptops, or tablets, and comes with storage compartments for everything your kid needs to learn.

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Dry Erase Wall Calendar


Staying organized is so important when learning at home. Keep on top of assignments, chores, and even playtime with this pretty dry erase calendar.