The Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Kids

by Bethany Braun-Silva

The Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Kids
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With remote learning, virtual class meetings, and the myriad of fun games, videos, and lessons that kids are taking part in each and every day while they’re home, it’s likely their screen time has gone way up. Given the circumstances, parents may be more flexible with screen time limits, but they also might want to consider the amount of blue light their kids are taking in.


Blue light is what’s emitted from televisions, tablets, phones and computers, essentially tricking our bodies into thinking that it’s daytime and subsequently boosting our energy and brain activity so that we feel awake or wired. Not so great for kids, and parents of those kids, when it’s time to wind down for bedtime. “A number of studies have shown that the blue light suppresses melatonin—a hormone that helps the body maintain healthy circadian rhythms. That can make it harder to fall asleep, and lack of sleep can have long-term health consequences,” Health reports


But there is a simple solution. Blue light blocking glasses are available to help reduce the amount of harmful light emitted from those devices. Kids can wear the glasses while they are scrolling, browsing or gaming and still be able to get to bed without feeling wound up. If kids are on their devices after the sun goes down, a pair of these glasses can be especially helpful.


We rounded up 10 great pairs of blue light blocking glasses for kids and teens below. 


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Felix Gray Nash


This square frame is stylish and comfy, and kids will love the pop of color. In addition to filtering blue light, the glasses also eliminate glare. They come in four different colors.

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EyeBuyDirect Shallows


These fun glasses are lightweight and have an anti-scratch coating. You can add the blue light blocking lense to prescription or non-prescription lenses.

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Quay Australia Blueprint Glasses


Teens and tweens will get a kick out of these fun pink glasses that are totally Insta, Snap and TikTok worthy.

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Felix Gray Roebling


If your kid isn’t crazy about the idea of wearing glasses to play on her iPad, perhaps you can entice her with this pair. These clear, lightweight frames are practically invisible.

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EyeBuyDirect Posie


This bold style is great for kids who like to stand out. The frames are made from a durable plastic that can survive practically anything your kids put them through.

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GlamBaby Hayes Blue Light Protect Glasses


These glasses provide kids with 100-percent UVA and UVB protection and come in a fun bright pink color.

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Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses


These glasses have a flexible silicone frame for comfortable wear all day long. They also come in multi-packs of various kid-friendly colors.

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Look Optic Abbey Kids Glasses


These unisex glasses reduce blue light by 53 percent and are lightweight and comfortable to wear.

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Gunnar Cruz Blue Light Blocking Glasses Kids


Choose between 65 percent or 35 percent blue light blocking protection in the two variations of these lightweight glasses for kids.

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Outray Kids Computer Blue Light Blocking Glasses


These glasses help prevent eye strain and block 99-percent of blue light. They come in four different colors and are lightweight and durable.