These 8 Calendars for Kids Will Help You Plan Your Day and Banish Stress

by Bethany Braun-Silva

These 8 Calendars for Kids Will Help You Plan Your Day and Banish Stress
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These calendars for kids help keep your day on track!


Parents know all too well just how important structure is for their kids’ wellbeing. From sticking to a bedtime routine to managing weekend activities, kids thrive on routine, while parents thrive on the organizational aspect of it all. We understand that you are managing a new normal with kids at home for the next few weeks (or even months) and that things may feel harder than they ever have before.


Parents who aren’t normally firm with schedules (read, us) are now having to plan their children’s entire day, including remote learning, fun educational activities, meals and playtime. But even those parents who were great planners and organizers prior might be finding themselves overwhelmed at all their sudden responsibilities. 


Luckily, there are tools to help. In fact, something as simple as a daily calendar or schedule can work wonders when it comes to keeping kids on track. A lot of times, children love taking ownership of their activities and responsibilities as it gives them a sense of individuality and control. Planning out the day’s activities the night before can prepare you for a successful next day. Plus, the calendar can be used for their benefit and yours. If kids become restless and bored, remind them to check the time, then the calendar, to see what’s on the agenda. Boredom is banished, and that’s one less thing for parents to worry about. 


Use the eight calendars and charts on this list to plan lessons, physical activities, breaks, meals and even chores to keep your kids on the right track for when school finally starts back up again. 

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Chore Chart for Kids


A simple dry erase chart is perfect for planning out each day with your kids. In between learning, let them add one or two activities of their own to encourage independence.

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Chart to Success Daily Routine Responsibility Chore Chart for Kids


This chart is color coded for different task categories, including self-care and home responsibilities. The fun emoji stickers will really bring a sense of joy to accomplishing tasks throughout the day.

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Melissa and Doug My Magnetic Daily Calendar


Little ones will love this colorful, magnetic calendar where they can not only see the day’s activities, but also add the weather and how they are feeling.

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Imagination Generation My Responsibility Chart


Each day, kids and parents can arrange their day with the 24 included chores or add their own on the dry erase board. The chart encourages good behavior, and parents can even add a reward for completed tasks at the end of each week.

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Melissa & Doug Magnetic Responsibility Chart


“Stop Whining” and “Say Please and Thank You” are just some of the many amazing tasks that can be added to this responsibility chart. We can definitely see this coming in handy as time goes by.

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Scholastic Daily Schedule Pocket Chart


Chances are your elementary school aged kid has one of these pocket schedules hanging in their classroom. They will definitely get a kick out having one at home; it might even make them miss school.

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Learning Resources Daily Schedule Pocket Chart


We love this chart because it’s not only great for keeping kids on schedule, it also helps them learn how to tell time. It comes with 15 clock faces and dry erase cards for planning your day.

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SchKIDules 93 Pc Home Collection Combo Pack


These magnets can be used on the fridge or any magnetic surface. The set comes with 72 activity magnets that are dry-erase ready and have clear pictures of tasks.