Highlights Magazine Has Tons of Fun Educational Products for Kids — These Are the 8 Must-Haves

by Bethany Braun-Silva

Highlights Magazine Has Tons of Fun Educational Products for Kids — These Are the 8 Must-Haves
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Highlights Magazine has been entertaining and educating kids for over 70 years. You may remember circling the famous Hidden Picture puzzles while waiting in your doctor or dentist’s office as a child. Well, the brand has more resources than ever and is dedicated to helping teachers, parents, and kids make learning fun. In fact, that’s the cornerstone of its products. 


The company has dozens of products for kids from birth through age 12, designed to challenge, inspire, and educate them all while providing a good time in the process. On its website, parents can shop for arts and crafts supplies, games, and activity books to help supplement their child’s at-home learning. We know you’re on the hunt for educational resources, so why not introduce your kids to these classics?


Right now, you can subscribe to the monthly magazine for less. Magazine subscriptions start at $72 per year, but many are currently discounted at over 60 percent off. In addition to subscribing to the magazine, kids can subscribe to Highlights Clubs and receive books and magazines each month geared toward math, geography, vocabulary, and more, which you can try for free for a limited time.


Below, we’ve rounded up great Highlights products, many of which are discounted, that you can order now to help support your child at home. Check them out!


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My First Hidden Pictures 2020 4-Book Set


Highlights is most famous for its Hidden Pictures puzzles featured in each magazine. Now, kids can get entire books of Hidden Pictures with this fun set. The books also come with several pages of stickers, mazes, and other fun activities.

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Hidden Pictures Stickers: Pet Puzzles


Kids use colorful stickers to find hidden objects in black-and-white pictures. This best-seller focuses on pets, and each page features several adorable animals.

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Big Fun Second Grade Workbook


Second graders won’t even realize they’re learning with this book that’s filled with games, humor, puzzles, and more, all with an educational focus. Learning skills include math, writing, social studies, and vocabulary, among others.

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Puzzlemania Book Club


A subscription to this book club includes puzzle books that aim to challenge kids and help them improve upon their problem-solving, reading and writing skills. Every few weeks, kids will receive a new book of puzzles, and right now Highlights is offering a free trial and free tote when you subscribe.

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Write-On Wipe-Off Let's Write Numbers


Little ones can practice writing and recognizing numbers, then wipe off their work and start all over. The book includes spaces to write and puzzles that will ask children to recognize each number on the page. Simple, yet innovative!

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Highlights Classic Card Games, Set of 4


Gather up the family for a fun night of classic card games. The names are slightly different than parents may remember, but the games are still the same. Choose from Odd Monster, That’s Silly Go Fish, Mummy Rummy Middle Game, and Crazy Cars.

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Buzz Blast


Kids will be challenged with tongue twisters and trivia in this fun, fast-paced game. Right now, it’s on sale for $7.49, so we are definitely “adding to cart.”

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Deluxe School Success Pack P-K


Little ones missing out on Pre-K can benefit from this pack of workbooks that will help get them ready for kindergarten. They can practice writing numbers and letters as well as recognizing colors and shapes. It also comes with a storage bag to keep everything in one place.