The 10 Must-Have Supplies to Make Your Home Classroom Super Legit

by Hilary Braaksma

The 10 Must-Have Supplies to Make Your Home Classroom Super Legit
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The best learning resources for at-home education are in high demand due to recent school closures. Whether you’re working with your toddler on pre-K skills or trying to supplement your middle schooler’s math curriculum, there is a wide selection of educational resources parents, teachers and students can use to navigate these unprecedented times.


Right now, many online resources are offering free tools to help parents of kids with school shutdowns: America’s Test Kitchen is offering free recipes, activities and experiments; Rebel Girls launched an at-home learning initiative with free educational podcast episodes and printable worksheets; The Weather Channel is focusing on extra science-based programming for children; and there are tons of free online learning programs like Khan Academy and other great educational websites to access during this period of quarantine.


In addition to all of these amazing resources at our fingertips, there are a few things parents can do to supplement their new homeschool curriculums even more. Try these 10 great products to help make your new at-home teaching gig a little bit easier.



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Pottery Barn Super Storage Lapdesk


PB Teen’s Super Storage lap desks are great for any grade level and designed for a wide variety of tastes—choose from sports team designs, floral patterns and all four Hogwarts houses for Harry Potter fans. The sliding wood top opens to reveal interior storage, and they have built-in wood pencil ledges and durable canvas bottoms. Your kiddo can learn from any seat in the house.

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Brain Quest Workbook


Keep your kids brushed up on language arts, social studies, science, math and more with these Brain Quest educational workbooks. These workbooks have over 300 pages of fun, age-appropriate worksheets in a range of subjects. Brain Quest workbooks come in grade levels preschool to sixth grade.

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Pilot FriXion Erasable Pens, Markers and Highlighters Family Pack


Mistakes are no match for these erasable pens, markers and highlighters from Pilot’s FriXion line. Kids and parents can fix spelling errors, correct assignments or make masterful doodles without any leftover scribbles or scratch-outs. This family pack comes with eight gel pens, five markers and four highlighters.

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"Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls" Box Set


History lessons are easy with captivating stories of iconic women through the ages. "Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls" books teach kids about important historical figures, from Cleopatra to Frida Khalo. Reading during school closures is a great way to help kids develop reading comprehension, vocabulary and other important skills. See more great book recommendations for kids here.

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Everyday Words in Spanish Flash Cards Flash Cards


Foreign language is a fun and practical skill for children of all ages. These Spanish language flash cards help kids learn to recognize, speak and write everyday words. The pack includes 102 Spanish word cards with images and the ability for users to self-check their accuracy.

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Lenovo Chromebook C330


Online learning is one of the best educational resources available to kids today. A reliable laptop is an essential key to accessing online resources and taking part in distance learning. This Lenovo has touchscreen capability, a rotating screen, and runs on Chrome, which makes parental settings simple. This is a reliable choice for everything from watching educational videos to doing research and writing essays.

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Dry Erase Board with Name


Kids at the preschool grade level will love practicing their letters with their own custom dry erase board. This reusable acrylic board is engraved on the backside with your child’s name, and it’s smooth on the front for endless tracing and practice. Your little one will be writing their name in no time.

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Epson EcoTank Wireless All-in-One Color Printer


Whether you’re printing off lesson plans, worksheets or instructions for at-home science projects, you’ll need a reliable printer. To save money on pricey ink cartridges, this Epson has cartridge-free printing that uses easy-to-fill supersize ink tanks instead. You get up to two years worth of ink in the box with purchase, and you can print wirelessly from your laptop, phone or tablet.

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HABA Magnetic Number Math Game Box


Math games are a great way to make learning feel fun and easy for little kids. This HABA math box set is designed for ages 3 and older and comes with magnetic shapes, characters, numbers and workboards to help your child engage in enjoyable, educational play.

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Boon White Stash Multi-Room Organizer


Organize all of your favorite at home tools with this pretty and practical supply organizer from Crate & Barrel. The versatile design allows it to be used on a counter, tabletop or mounted on a wall. Multiple storage compartments of varying sizes makes it easy to keep track of rulers, pencils, glue sticks and scissors for multiple children. Mounting hardware is included.