The CDC Recommends Kids Have These Items If They’re Heading Back to the Classroom

by Bethany Braun-Silva

The CDC Recommends Kids Have These Items If They’re Heading Back to the Classroom
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The CDC back-to-school guidelines are out, and these are the COVID-19 essentials you need  for in-person classes.


Like many parents, we’ve been relying on guidelines from the Center For Disease Control and Prevention to keep safe and slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. Wearing face masks,  and face shields and shopping for face masks accessories like lanyards and brackets has become common practice. Recently, the CDC listed its checklist for kids heading back into the classroom, and we are definitely taking note. 


Among helpful tips for parents, like taking your child’s temperature every day, limiting your exposure to people with COVID-19, and being aware of potential symptoms like coughing or body aches, the CDC also recommends arming kids with hand sanitizer, a backup mask, a water bottle, and other essentials. Since it also suggests that kids don’t share school supplies, it’s a good idea to invest in labels, pencil cases, and other items kids can quickly identify as their own. 


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The CDC’s checklist also provides tips for parents who might be having a hard time getting their kids to wear a face mask. Simple tips include putting a mask on stuffed animals and/or drawing a mask on a favorite character. Of course, giving praise each time your child wears a mask the right way is at the top of the list, too.


We know it’s quite a different school year, and giving our kids the best chance to stay healthy while at school is so important. Read on for more CDC-recommended supplies for in-class learning.


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Crayola Face Mask Pack


Masks need to be washed after each use, so choosing a face mask pack like the Crayola Kids Face Mask makes it easy to wear a new mask each day of the school week.

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Hand Sanitizer Holders


A hand sanitizer holder or keychain makes it possible for kids to have hand sanitizer with them wherever they go. Attaching one of these keychains, filled with the sanitizer of your choice, to your kid’s backpack or lunchbox is an excellent way for them to keep their hands clean all day. 

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Raw Sugar Coconut + Lemon Verbena Hand Sanitizer


Choosing a hand sanitizer with a pump is great for filling up the holders above. It also makes it convenient for kids to quickly sanitize their hands when they leave for school and come home. This brand is made with 62-percent alcohol — the CDC recommends at least 60 percent for effectiveness — and smells great and is gentle on the skin.

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Contigo Kids Autospout Water Bottle


This water bottle features a spill-proof valve and a protective spout cover to guard against germs. It comes in several kid-friendly prints and patterns and fits easily into a lunch box or a backpack’s side pocket. 

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Mabel’s Labels


These labels are perfect for water bottles, backpacks, pencil cases, and even masks. They stay put through wear and washes and can be customized to fit your kids’ interests. There will be no mix-ups with these fun labels.

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Reusable Storage Bags


Your child may get small breaks throughout the day when they won’t have to wear their mask. They can put their mask in one of these reusable sealable bags at lunch or snack time to keep it safe from germs and from getting lost. Just be sure to label it!

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Infrared Thermal Forehead Thermometer


Kids who are heading back to the classroom will have to take their temperature each day. Get a jump on it with this thermal thermometer that provides an accurate reading without even touching your kid’s skin.