Hilary Duff Says Your Kids Need This Cool Clothing Item For Summer Camp

by Collier Sutter

Hilary Duff Says Your Kids Need This Cool Clothing Item For Summer Camp

Your kids will want this hoodie on top of their camp checklist, and it’s Lizzie McGuire-approved.


School’s out and you’ve picked a summer camp for your kids, time to get packing! Summer camp is a rite of passage and spot where your little one can get a nice taste of independence. Of course, they’ll want to show up in cool style. Mom-of-two Hillary Duff revealed via Instagram the perfect hoodie she’s loving, that your little camper will want on the top of their list.


Cubcoats are super soft hoodies that magically transform from stuffed animal into sweatshirt in seconds. The Younger star demonstrates in an sped-up Instagram video how the viral design can turn into a functional, wearable sweater.



“Anyone sending their kids to camp this summer?? Cubcoats is soft, cozy, cool, and convenient as it is a pillow, plushie, and hoodie all in one! This is obviously Spider-Man! But lots of options on website!” Duff wrote on Instagram.


The 2-in-1 stuffed animals sell for $45 a piece and are made of from cotton and polyester with a cozy, fleece exterior for ample snuggling. While Duff demonstrates with a Superman hoodie for her son Luca, the sweatshirts come in dozens of styles and characters from Minions, to Pimm the Puppy, Tomo the Tiger, Flynn the Fox and Kali the Kitty. Kids anywhere between the ages of 2 to 8 will be snuggle up in this sweatshirt.


Even if your child is staying closer to home this vacation, consider these hoodies an easy way to convince your kids to wear a jacket on summer’s chillier evening.