Low-Key Mommy and Me: Match Your Shoes to Your Kids’ for Any Occasion

by Sabrina Rojas Weiss

Low-Key Mommy and Me: Match Your Shoes to Your Kids’ for Any Occasion

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From sandals to hiking shoes, boys and girls will love following in your footsteps.


The concept of dressing your kids to match you, quaintly known as “mommy and me” style, has come a long way. It’s no longer just about wearing matching frilly dresses and suits for cheesy family portraits at a department store. But if going all out with a complete matching outfit still makes you cringe, we present a more subtle option that will make kids and their grownups feel special and connected to each other: mommy and me shoes.



While you may have an easier time matching your shoes with a child of the same gender, there is absolutely no reason to limit yourself to mom-daughter, dad-son pairings. (While we’re on the topic, it would actually be nice if kids shoes stopped being assigned a gender.) Parents and their children can find many ways to match in sneakers, sandals, boots, and formal shoes—especially when they’re shopping favorite brands with iconic styles. From baby Dr. Martens and Vans to big kid Crocs and Birkenstocks, you and your progeny can twin all year long.


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There’s so much to love about getting mommy and me shoes (and sure, dads are invited, too). Little kids who are reluctant to dress up for an occasion may feel better about literally following in Mom’s footsteps. And lacing up or slipping on a pair of matching sneakers or hiking shoes can motivate kids to be active with their parents. This is one more reminder that our kids are watching, so we may as well model good fashion sense and healthy lifestyles on our feet.


Best Shoes That Are a Nod to Street Art

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For Mom

Skechers x JGoldcrown: BOBS Sport Squad - Starry Love


Muralist JGoldcrown’s collaboration with Skechers reminds us of the days when we would painstakingly decorate our shoes with Sharpies. It comes out better when you leave this up to the artist.

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For Kids

Skechers x JGoldcrown: Roadies - Hashtag Love


Kids will love the spray-painted heart motif of these sneakers. Parents will love that they have comfortable memory foam soles and are machine washable.

Best Shoes for Hot Weather

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For Mom

Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Essentials EVA


As comfortable as our classic Birks can be, the all EVA version is even better for sweaty days or wet conditions. We’re tempted to buy one in every color.

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For Kids

Birkenstock Kids Milano EVA Sandal


We like that this Birkenstock sandal for kids has a heel strap. It’s one more safeguard against losing a shoe.

Best Casual Street Sneakers

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For Mom

Vans Women’s Old Skool Core Classics


There’s a reason Vans never go out of favor—they’re versatile, easy to wear, and come in so many colors and prints to fit the season and your mood. While you’re on a family matching trend, you can even pick up a pair for any men in your fam, too.

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For Kids

Vans Old Skool


Don’t blame us if your kids take up skating just because they’ve been wearing Vans since they could walk.

Best Trendy Sandal

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For Mom

Steve Madden Kimmie Espadrille Sandal


Flatform sandals are all the rage these days. And the elasticized ankle strap is a very useful, comfortable detail for anyone planning on doing a lot of walking this summer.

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For Kids

Steve Madden Kids Kimmie Espadrille Sandal


These are the rare shoes that are exactly the same for both kids and adults. If your girl already thinks she’s all grown up, she’ll appreciate that.

Prettiest Everyday Loafers

9 of 20 Image Credits: Toms

For Mom

Toms Alpargata Plaid Bow


Who knew the classic canvas Toms could be as cute as they are practical? If this springy plaid isn’t for you, there are countless other prints to choose from.

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For Kids

Toms Tiny Alpargata Plain Bow


We find these matching flats irresistible, but don’t forget you can search for other Toms styles if your kids aren’t the pastels-and-bows types.

Best Sneakers for a Family Run

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For Mom

Adidas Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe


Busy moms (and everyone else) appreciate a sneaker that slips on easily. The foot-hugging shape and cushioning soles make this a favorite for runners.

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For Kids

Adidas Kids Runfalcon 2.0 Shoes


These kids sneakers don’t perfectly match Mom’s Cloudfoams, but they’re equally lightweight and suited for running right alongside you.

Best Shoes for Splashing and Lounging

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For Mom

Crocs Classic Tie-Dye Clogs


Embrace the playful ease of Crocs by choosing them in a trendy tie-dye or something equally wild. They’re perfect for a trip to the park or just a romp in the backyard.

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For Kids

Crocs Kids Classic Tie-Dye Clogs


While any other shoes in light colors will be permanently brown in about an hour, a washable pair of Crocs will last long after your kid outgrows them.

Best Boots for ‘90s Nostalgia

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For Mom

Dr. Martens 1460 Smooth Leather Boot


Put on your darkest lipstick and your Sonic Youth playlist, then lace up a pair of these iconic boots. They’ll also look great without the soundtrack.

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For Kids

Dr. Martens Kids Collection 1460 Crib


The cuteness of these baby Docs is knocking us dead. And btw, they’re also available in big kids sizes, which seems slightly more practical and equally cute.

Best Shoes for a Special Occasion

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For Mom

Nina Venus Silver Crystal Satin


These classy stilettos will serve you well for formal events or a night out. The heel is a reasonable 3.5 inches, so you can still chase after children in them.

18 of 20 Image Credits: Nina

For Kids

Nina Hidi Silver Metallic


How special will a toddler feel when she gets to wear silver sandals just like Mommy? Nina has other similar styles for older girls as well.

Best Hiking Shoes

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For Mom

Merrell Zion FST Hiking Shoe


These Merrells have the protective toe, waterproof membrane, and grippy sole of a hiking boot. But they’re also breathable, light, and NOT ugly.

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For Kids

Merrell Outback Hiking Shoe


Though these kids shoes don’t completely match the women’s hiking shoe in appearance, they do share similar coloring and details. They’re also just as attractive, which may be the motivation some reluctant littles need to get out on the trails with their parents.