Sara Foster Dishes the Dirt on Motherhood and Her Go-To Faves

by Samantha McIntyre

Sara Foster Dishes the Dirt on Motherhood and Her Go-To Faves

Actress and Studio by Tide spokeswoman Sara Foster comes clean about motherhood and a few of her favorite things in an exclusive interview with We asked the mom of two, Valentina, 8, and Josephine, 3, to share some of her must-have brands and go-to shopping spots that she simply loves. Check out Foster’s faves as she gets real about life as a working mom.   


As a mom of two little girls, what are the best and most challenging parts of motherhood?

“Oh my God! Listen, it’s the common question that all moms get and it’s the conversation that all moms have which is asking, ‘how do you balance it all? How do you balance being there for your partner? How do you balance being present and flourishing in your career? How do you maintain being a good parent and being there for every moment and participating in your kid’s development?’ It’s tough.  I’ve already missed two school functions working in New York, and that’s just sort of how it goes. But at the end of the day, I have daughters who look at their mom, and they respect what I do. They want to be businesswomen watching me work, so that’s the best compliment you can get when your daughter says ‘Mom, I want to be just like you.’ Shockingly, my 8-year-old said that to me recently. It was pretty nice.”


When it comes to mom hacks, what are your tricks and tips for raising little ones?

“Listen, I think you alienate yourself from other moms who can be really resourceful to you if you don’t try to act like everything is perfect. I’m the first person to admit to my friends: ‘I’m not doing this right, I need help. I’m not doing this correctly, what do you do? What are your tips?” I’ve received some pretty incredible advice by putting myself out there. I can’t stand moms who are just afraid to put themselves out there. No one is doing it perfectly. We all need help, and there’s such a strong community of supportive women when you stop pretending like it’s all perfect.”


What are a few of your must-haves that you can’t live without?

“I’ve said this before, and I know I sound redundant, but I refuse to spend a lot of money on my kid’s clothes. I just refuse. They’re growing every single day, and you buy something, and it doesn’t fit them a week later. I tend to lean in toward the less expensive clothing— though at times with less expensive clothing comes cheaper fabrics, therefore after two washes, they’re done. I recently found Studio by Tide, which is made for delicate clothing. When I use it on the kids’ clothes, I can get an extra 20 washes on something that may have been finished after two.”


What are some of your favorite kid’s clothing brands?

“I love Old Navy; it’s just great. Everything is so reasonably priced that I just go in there and buy it all up and it doesn’t break the bank. I also love ZARA Kids, Gap Kids and H&M. I mean that’s really where I shop for my girls. Plus, now that I’m using Studio by Tide the clothes last even longer.”


When it comes to self-care, what must-have beauty items do you keep in your arsenal?

“I love Barbara Sturm products. I love Augustinus Bader, which is a German skincare brand.I’ve also been using Drunk Elephant.”


As a mom, what would be one gift that you would love to receive?

“My kids letting me sleep in and possibly bringing me coffee. That would be nice. Like, leave me alone before 9:00 a.m. I haven’t slept in until 9:00 a.m. in eight years. That’s literally true. I don’t think I’ve slept past 7:00 a.m., that would be the best gift. Let me sleep, and I want my coffee the way I like it next to the bed at 9:01.”