Company Stands Up to Cyberbullies

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Company Stands Up to Cyberbullies

Amber Child Safety pledges to donate up to $1 million to charities that fight cyberbullying

If you know anyone who has been bullied via the cold anonymity of technology, you know the devastating effects it can have on the individual and the families involved. Even watching a video like this can send shivers down any parent’s spine. Tragic cases of cyberbullying have become all too common among today’s generation of digital kids. According to Pew Internet Research, approximately 78 percent of teens own cell phones, making it a ubiquitous medium for communication, conversation, and in unfortunate cases, cyberbullying.

Much is being done to try to address the problem of some kids being cruel to other kids, but the reality is that cyberbullying is a fairly new twist to the problem. While bullying itself has occurred for generations, the integration of technology is taking it to a different level. Schools are mobilizing to implement programs and curriculum on bullying, but cyberbullying remains difficult to constrain.

Amber Child Safety, a company that sells digital monitoring and safety tools to help protect kids, has enlisted experts in cyberbulling, child psychology and education to form a Cyberbully Task Force and create a free downloadable toolkit, Cyberbully Savvy, that offers real-world advice to help parents and educators address the problem.

To raise awareness about its efforts, the company has pledged to donate $1 for every download of the kit—up to $1 million—to charities that fight cyberbullying. You can download the free kit here and support the campaign’s social media efforts @CyberbullySavvy by using the hashtag #cyberbullysavvy.

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