Disney + Is Live & We Got To Chat With One Of The Stars Of The New Show ‘Marvel’s Hero Project’

by Bethany Braun-Silva

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Disney + Is Live & We Got To Chat With One Of The Stars Of The New Show ‘Marvel’s Hero Project’
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Disney+ officially launched today, which means that upon signing up for the amazing new streaming service, fans will also get a chance to take a look at some of the amazing new shows.


In addition to the Disney classics we know and love, we are particularly excited about  the new show, Marvel’s Hero Project, which features real kids who are making a real difference in their communities and in the world. One of these kids is 15-year-old Daniella Benitez, from San Diego, who works with the organization, Build a Miracle. “Build a Miracle was started in 1999 by MY OWN heroes, Chris and Julianne North,” Daniella told “They have helped so many families go from living in extreme poverty to living in fully furnished homes with the support of a community and classes!”


Daniella’s passion for giving back started at a young age and it was through the Build a Miracle organization that she was able to really make a big difference. “I instantly fell in love with the organization and felt a connection deep in my heart with the families down in Tijuana, so I decided I wanted to raise money to build homes,” she said. “Since then, through my teams, I’ve raised money for four homes, while my little brother and his teams have been able to raise money for three homes, and we have received matching donations for five additional homes!”


All the kids on Marvel’s Hero Project are just as inspirational as Daniella, who hopes her impact is made on kids just like her. “I hope to inspire kids,” she said. “I want them to know the age is just a number and that you can do anything you put your mind to. Kids can have such a great impact on the world, and I am so excited for the world to see that after watching the show of all of these kids doing something to help others.”


Marvel’s Hero Project is available to stream now on Disney+! Take a look at the trailer below:


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