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10 Back to School Hair Hacks for Busy Mornings

  • Pump up a plain ponytail

    Pump up a plain ponytail, fast on the first day of back to school. Simply pull a loose ponytail through the middle of the hair near the base of the neck, and tug on strands to secure. This style is so easy, even dads can do it! Step-by-step instructions are on YouTube.

  • Never lose a hair tie again

    Here's a genius idea for keeping hair ties organized, and accessible. All you need is a carabiner; then no more rooting through the bottom of drawers so you can pull your daughter's hair into a ponytail, as she's eating her cereal and milk at warp speed, of course!

  • Tame those fly-aways

    Polish a hairstyle with the swipe of a tool you typically use to polish teeth. Using an old toothbrush and some hairspray helps put the finishing touch on a special style for back to school.

  • Try DIY dry shampoo

    If you find yourself running tragically late one morning, and your munchkin is sporting some distressingly dirty locks, don't panic! Try this DIY dry shampoo recipe using baby powder. Make it ahead and keep it on hand for emergencies!

  • Chalk it up

    When your daughter wants to try out colored hair strands, but you aren't ready for the commitment, try hair chalking, which creates a super fun, but temporary effect. It's fast and perfect if you have a few extra minutes one morning; you know, once you've gotten more accustomed to this back to school thing.

  • Plan ahead with pins

    Welcome to your new go-to quick style on a school morning. All you need is nail polish and plain old bobby pins to make any hair day go from boring to bodacious!

  • Dry hands free

    If you've got multiple munchkins to shuffle out the door and not enough hands to get it all done, try this smart hack for hands-free hair drying. Just be sure to supervise so no one gets hurt!

  • Detangle in two

    Got a kiddo with a head full of tangles and nary a drop of detangler left? No worries; you can make a homemade version with just two, yes two, ingredients you already have in the house—hair conditioner and water. Better yet, it will take about two minutes or less to concoct.

  • Prompt the peewees in the house

    You've got a million things going on in the morning. Wouldn't it be great if your kids could take care of a few things on their own, like brushing their hair? Try these printable flashcards that act as reminders for little ones getting acclimated to the a.m. back to school routine.

  • Make your own hair holder

    In a real bind, you can quickly fashion your own ponytail holder out of a pair of old tights. This genius trick is truly the repurposing hair hack of champions, like you are this back to school season! Go get 'em!