The Best Face Masks for Kids and Toddlers to Meet the CDC Guidelines

by Bethany Braun-Silva

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The Best Face Masks for Kids and Toddlers to Meet the CDC Guidelines
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Shop the best face masks for kids, from reusable cloth coverings to disposable options, from retailers like Amazon, Etsy, Green Sprouts, and Old Navy.


While many families are sheltering in place at home to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, there are times when going outside is unavoidable, whether it’s for essential items or to get some fresh air with your kids. It’s important to try to stay a safe distance of six feet from others, and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) also recommends that everyone wear a face mask when going outside, even children. 


Wearing a mask can be scary for some kids, especially those who don’t understand what’s going on. If your child is hesitant to wear a medical mask, the CDC says a cloth covering works, too. There are also a bunch of face mask accessories, like lanyards, that can make wearing face coverings more fun (and sanitary) for your younger family members. During the holiday season, you could also get decked out in on-theme coverings to make the mandate a little more fun.


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Please note that the CDC does not recommend face masks or cloth coverings on children under the age of 2 and suggests cleaning your mask in the washing machine frequently.


We know these times are challenging, and getting your kids to cover their faces outside is no easy task. To make it a little easier for you, we rounded up some of the most kid-friendly face masks and coverings you can shop online. A lot of these have built-in features to make the face masks fit small faces better and more comfortably, like nose wires and ear loop adjusters, making them even more appealing for our tiny peers. Featuring moisture-wicking blends of polyester and spandex and breathable fabrics like cotton poplin, these kids face masks from popular retailers like Old Navy and Green Sprouts will hopefully make this time a little more enjoyable for your family.


You can also shop the best kids disposable face masks for affordable bundles starting at just 30 cents per mask.


Parenting‘s 10 Favorite Face Masks for Kids and Toddlers


1 of 41 Image Credits: Visataprint

Vistaprint Kids' Masks


These reusable kids masks feature a replaceable filter system and cotton inner layer with a bendable nose bridge to ensure a snug fit, even on small faces. The ear straps can be adjusted for max comfort as well, and the mask is machine-washable for easy care. Vistaprint recently rolled out the option to design your own mask, so you can get totally creative, too.

2 of 41 Image Credits: Zazzle

Zazzle Face Masks for Kids

Price:$13.00 - $17.00

Zazzle has thousands of face masks for kids with prints and designs they will absolutely love. From ferocious dinosaurs and toothy sharks to magical unicorns and whimsical tie-dye, these cool masks will make dealing with coronavirus a bit less scary. Kids can also customize some of the masks by uploading their own pictures and adding their names.

3 of 41 Image Credits: Onzie

Onzie Mindful Masks for Kids, 2-Pack


These quick-drying kids masks are breathable and comfortable, even on hot days. They're made from multiple layers of fabric and feature elastic ear straps to keep them secure. You can shop the masks for kids in assorted packs of two featuring wild prints like leopard, camo, and peacock.

4 of 41 Image Credits: Old Navy

Old Navy Variety 5-Pack of Triple-Layer Cloth Face Masks for Kids

Price:$7.50 - $12.50

For just under $13, you can get a five-pack of kids face masks from one of your favorite retailers: Old Navy. The reusable masks are made from three-ply cotton poplin and are machine-washable. You can pick between several three- and five-packs featuring different designs, including hearts, tie-dye, swirls, and planets. These are made from excess fabric from Old Navy's apparel, so we know they'll be super cute!

5 of 41 Image Credits: Nordstrom

Nordstrom Assorted 4-Pack Kids' Face Masks


Nordstrom has a bunch of kids' face mask options, with this assorted four-pack one of the retailer's newest releases. The reusable, machine-washable woven cotton masks are crafted in a contoured shape to best fit your child's face. They're made for kids aged 5 to 10, with pattern options that include plaid, hearts, stripes, and even little cat faces.

6 of 41 Image Credits: Brave New Look

Brave New Look Jungle Buddies Printed Face Mask


This adorable face mask was created especially for Parenting readers and features three layers of protection and a pocket for an additional filter. It has adjustable ear straps and a contoured nose bridge and comes in a 3-, 5-, or 7-pack.

7 of 41 Image Credits: Gap

Gap Kids' Face Mask, 3-Pack


The Gap has tons of three-pack options for your little ones, made up of kids face masks with triple-layer cotton and elastic ear straps for a reliable fit. The masks have an adjustable nose bridge that fits securely on your child's face, and come in over 30 prints and patterns, from plaid and polka dot to superheroes and cartoons. They're machine-washable, AKA easy to disinfect regularly.

8 of 41 Image Credits: NxTSTOP

NxTSTOP Face Masks for Kids


These masks come in cotton or bamboo and offer two layers of protection for kids. They're also lightweight and breathable and have adjustable ear straps to reduce any pressure or pinching.

9 of 41 Image Credits: Amazon

LiteBee Cotton Mask with Breath Valves, 3-Pack


These masks for kids feature built-in breathing valves and come with removable filters so you don't need to make a separate purchase. Made of a material the brand calls "space cotton," the machine-washable kids' masks are soft, breathable, and lightweight.

10 of 41 Image Credits: Target

Target Kids' 2-Pack Face Masks — Cat & Jack


These affordable cloth kids masks from Target's line Cat & Jack come in packs of two and feature two layers of fabric and a pocket for a removable filter. The masks are also contoured with a nose wire to ensure a secure fit.

11 of 41 Image Credits: Cubcoats

Cubcoats Face Masks


These adorable cotton face masks are made with two layers of fabric and feature elastic over-the-ear straps and a metal nose wire that can be adjusted to your child's face for a secure fit. The masks are reusable and washable, with coordinating sweatshirts sold separately. You can choose between two packs of two, with either Kali the Kitty and Bori the Bear in purple and pink or Pimm the Puppy and Tomo the Tiger in gray and orange.

12 of 41 Image Credits: Athleta

Athleta Girls 5-Pack Non Medical Face Masks


These children's face masks have a three-layer design using breathable cotton. The machine-washable coverings come in a variety pack of different solids and prints. You can also shop Athleta's new Made to Move kids masks, which are made with a lightweight outer layer and mesh interior.

13 of 41 Image Credits: Vida

Vida Masks


This kids mask is crafted out of two layers of 100 percent cotton, and the adjustable ear straps provide a fit that's both secure and comfortable. The bendable nose piece provides added customized protection, and you can choose between nine styles of depending on what your kid would like best. There's a removable filter included, but be sure to replace it every seven days.

14 of 41 Image Credits: Sanctuary

Sanctuary Face Masks, 5-Pack


These masks for kids come in assorted packs, with fabrics showcasing patterns like pink and blue leopard spots and a collage of dinosaurs. They're made for toddlers and children ages 2-10 and feature two layers of 100 percent cotton muslin. A replaceable filter comes with your purchase, and hand-washing is recommended every few wears.

15 of 41 Image Credits: Masqd

Masqd Face Masks for Kids


These kids masks have a metal nose bridge for a secure fit around your child's face. Made with organic cotton, they're washable and reusable—plus, you have over 30 kid-friendly prints and colors to choose from. You can opt to buy a single mask or a five-pack that's perfect for going back to school.

16 of 41 Image Credits: Redbubble

Redbubble Face Masks for Kids


There are so many fun prints and patterns to choose from in Redbubble's expansive kids face mask collection. This ice cream-laden mask features two layers of fabric, elastic ear straps, and comes in two different sizes for kids. Right now, you can even score 20 percent off on Redbubble when you pick up any four mask styles.

17 of 41 Image Credits: Carter's

Carter's Kiddo Face Masks


These soft and breathable kids masks are made with a double layer of 100 percent cotton poplin and are machine-washable. The stretchy straps were designed so that kids could take the mask on and off all by themselves. Shop three different colorful styles.

18 of 41 Image Credits: The Sis Kiss

Color Me Face Mask


Kids can customize their very own face mask with this Color Me Face Mask by The Sis Kiss. The print includes a black-and-white "coloring-page" across the mask, and kids can use fabric markers to fill in the cheetahs, rainbows, hearts, lightning bolts, and more. The kids mask also comes already in color if your little one isn't the DIY type.

19 of 41 Image Credits: Janie and Jack

Janie and Jack Bloom Mask 2-Pack


These masks for kids and adults are made with leftover fabric from Janie and Jack's gorgeous clothes. They are durable and machine-washable but the best part may be that for every mask pack purchased, the retailer will is donating $5 to nonprofit diaper bank Baby2Baby until September 30. Be sure to check out the brand's new matching holiday-themed adult and kids masks, too, to complement this year's festivities.

20 of 41 Image Credits: Mabel's Labels

Mabel's Labels Face Masks for Kids


These face masks fit kids aged 3 to 14 and are made with three layers of moisture-wicking fabric to keep things cool. They feature an adjustable nose piece and stretchy ear straps for a more comfortable fit.

21 of 41 Image Credits: Amazon

Crayola Kids Face Mask Pack


These kids masks come in packs of five — one for each day of the school week. They also come with a handy mesh bag for washing and in three different vibrant prints kids will love. You can shop these babies in adult sizes, too.

22 of 41 Image Credits: Green Sprouts

Green Sprouts Face Masks for Kids


These cloth, reusable face masks for kids from Green Sprouts come with a built-in carbon filter to help clean the air your child breathes. The fabric is moisture-wicking, and the mask features a water-resistant outer layer for added protection from incoming droplets.

23 of 41 Image Credits: Uncommon Goods

Children's Rainbow Face Coverings, Set of 2


These face masks were created by kids, for kids, and are inspired by the rainbows children have been painting on windows to uplift their communities. The masks come in sets of two and, in addition to the beautiful hand-painted rainbows, each contains a positive message like “lift others up” and “keep smiling.” The kids masks have elastic ear straps, are made of 100 percent cotton and are also reusable and machine-washable.

24 of 41 Image Credits: Macy's

Macy's Society of Threads Kid's Face Mask Floral 6-Pack


These floral kids masks are made from lightweight, breathable cotton and have a filter pocket, adjustable ear loops, and a nose bridge wire for added protection. The six-pack gets you a real bang for your buck, making the price of each mask just over $4. You can also score free shipping on them, making this order a no-brainer.

25 of 41 Image Credits: BaubleBar

BaubleBar For Your Mini Adjustable Face Masks


These stylish face masks from celeb-loved accessories brand Baublebar come in packs of two, in either a stars and stripes print or polka dot. The masks are made from cotton and are hypoallergenic. The brand also created a super-stylish sequin face mask, if that's more your kid's look.

26 of 41 Image Credits: Maisonette

Maisonette Mino Kids' Face Mask Bundle


These three-ply kids masks have a pocket for an added filter. They're made from soft, breathable fabric, meaning they're comfortable enough for extended wear. Plus, the artistic prints are so gorgeous!

27 of 41 Image Credits: Honest

Honest Kids Cotton Face Masks


Honest is known for its adorable patterns, and its new face masks for kids are no exception. The 100-percent cotton face masks come in two-packs of different prints, including a black-and-white geometric pattern, pretty floral, and a cactus theme.

28 of 41 Image Credits: Hatch Collection

Hatch Collection Face Mask Littles Set


These 100-percent cotton kids masks are made from up-cycled materials from Hatch's pretty collection of maternity clothes. They feature cotton ear straps and three layers of protection. You can even buy a matching adult mask.

29 of 41 Image Credits: Etsy

Cotton Face Mask


If you suspect cute prints will be the selling point to getting your kids to wear a face mask, we suggest this Etsy bestseller. You can choose from 15 prints, including cute bunnies, fish, and kiwis.

30 of 41 Image Credits: Amazon

Kids Single Use Disposable Face Mask 50-pack


These disposable face masks for kids are comfortable and great to have as back up in your bag or in the car. They come in several fun kid-friendly prints.

31 of 41 Image Credits: Lele Sadoughi

Lele Sadoughi Set Of 2 Leopard Kid’s Face Masks


These masks are made from soft jersey and have a contoured fit and adjustable ear straps. The stylish prints are perfect for your fashion-forward kid.

32 of 41 Image Credits: Cratejoy

Cratejoy Face Mask Subscription Box


Each month two new face masks are delivered right to your door. They are made with three layers and have an Oeko-Tex antibacterial certified lining.

33 of 41 Image Credits: Caraa

Caraa Kids Universal Face Masks 5-Pack


These washable and breathable face masks come in five-packs of assorted colors, that are sized specifically for kids' faces.

34 of 41 Image Credits: Los Angeles Apparel

Los Angeles Apparel Face Masks for Kids


These face masks feature and adjustable nose bridge and two straps to be worn around the head and neck to avoid pulling on your kids' ears.

35 of 41 Image Credits: Sock It To Me

Sock It To Me Kid's Face Mask


The outer layer in these masks is made with copper-infused fibers for a safe fit. They feature an adjustable nose bridge and soft inner layer.

36 of 41 Image Credits: Lily Pulitzer

Lily Pulitzer Kids' Face Mask


These face masks are moisture-wicking and made with anti-microbial fabric. You can match your mask to your outfit or even your mom.

37 of 41 Image Credits: Amazon

Levi's Re-Usable Reversible Face Mask


You can choose from several reversible prints that feature either elastic ear straps or tie-straps that go around your child's head.

38 of 41 Image Credits: Subzero

Subzero Kids' Face Masks


These masks for made with 95-percent cotton and have a four-way stretch that makes for all-day comfort. It comes in dozen of kid-friendly prints.

39 of 41 Image Credits: Amazon

Amazon Essentials Disney Face Masks for Kids


Get a five-pack of 100-percent cotton Disney, Star Wars, Pixar, or Marvel face masks for your kid. They come in adult sizes, too!

40 of 41 Image Credits: Zappos

Bloch Kids Soft Stretch Contour Mask


This dance-gear company made a face mask for kids that contours to their face for a comfortable fit. The fabric is made with Nano Zinc Oxide particles that protect against dust, bacteria, and odors.

41 of 41 Image Credits: Grove

Grove Collaborative Triple Layered Organic Cotton Face Masks


These masks are made from certified organic cotton and are machine washable. They also feature an antimicrobial coating on the inner layer for added protection.