The Best S’Mores Kits and Accessories

by Bethany Braun-Silva

The Best S’Mores Kits and Accessories
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While we know you can technically eat s’mores all year round, there’s just something about summertime that makes us crave the delicious treat even more. The idea of sitting around a campfire roasting marshmallows, then smushing them between two graham crackers with a piece of chocolate is a literal dream come true—and not just for our kids! Of course, we know that while it is a somewhat simple snack to make, parents need all the help they can get when it comes to organizing and planning. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best s’more kits and accessories to make s’more snacking easy, fun and, of course, delicious!

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Sterno Family Fun S'mores Maker


No campfire needed with this s’mores kit! This set features two built-in s'mores stations with areas to store graham crackers and marshmallows as well as an easy-to-clean serving tray and two stainless steel roasting forks. It can be used indoors or outdoors, and a metal screen makes sure your marshmallows are roasted evenly and protects kids from the flame.

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HERSHEY'S S'Mores Caddy with Tray


Take everything you need to make s’mores on the go. Whether heading to a sleepover or family camping trip, this convenient s’mores caddy is the perfect way to ensure a great time! The tray inside keeps your marshmallows, chocolate bars and graham crackers in place.

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Microwavable S’Mores Maker


Two s’mores ready in 30 seconds or less via the microwave with this helpful gadget. It’s easy to use: Just fill the water reservoir, place your graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallow on the tray and heat. Get perfect s’mores everytime!

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S'more to Love Six-S'more Maker


Make up to six s'mores at a time with this handy contraption that can be placed in an oven, on a grill or over a campfire. After you assemble your s’mores, the device securely locks each s'more into an individual basket. The space between each basket creates convection currents that move heat evenly around each s'more. It’s great for parties or sleepovers!

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“S'mores!: Gooey, Melty, Crunchy Riffs on the Campfire Classic” Book


This book by Dan Whalen contains more than 50 recipes on different s’mores variations. Enjoy treats like Salted Caramel S’mores, Nutella S’mores and Lemon Meringue S’mores. Even savory s’mores like Avocado S’mores, S’moresburgers and the Elvis—bacon, banana, and peanut butter heaven!

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S'mores Kit


This adorable s'mores kit comes with everything you need to make the perfect s'mores! It includes graham crackers, Torino Swiss Dark Chocolate and marshmallows. There’s enough for eight s'mores, and it makes for a unique party gift!

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S'mores Kit, Everything You Need


If you’re looking for just the essentials like marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate, Amazon has made it easy to purchase all three with one click! The “kit” includes two full-size packages of Hershey’s Chocolate bars, one bag of Jet-Puffed Marshmallows and one box of Honey Maid Graham Crackers! Our mouths were watering just writing this!